Raiden (Forward Swept, Canard, Pusher foam airplane kit) Review

Review by Ringo Davis

Basic Info:

The Raiden is an airplane designed by​Kevin Matusik and meant t​o be built from

foam board such as Adams foam board from the Dollar Tree, or Ross foam board from Walmart. The Ross is easier to cut on a CNC but the Adams is stronger. It take 4 sheets to build the plane which can be done in either the regular configuration or the FPV configuration. Either way the plane is​38 inches wide and 39 inches long and will accept a pretty wide range of motors and batteries. The canard is fixed and the planes uses elevons for control.


The Designer is also considering producing the plane as a kit for sale. More information can be found at


The Build

I received my kit from the designer. He cut it out of the Ross Foam board using a CNC machine. The plane is built in the same fashion as the ones from Flitetest using ‘A’ and ‘B’ folds and hot glue. anyone who has built one of theirs with the airfoil wing should not have a problem building the Raiden. There are a few threads on RCgroups with lots of build pics as well as 3D renderings of the plane. Since mine was already cut out I would guess it took me about 2 hours to put the plane together minus the electronics. THe inside of the plane has plenty of room for FPV gear and a battery. I used a 2200 3s and a Grayson Hobbies G​H2217­06 1500kv ­ 480 size Brushless Motor and it balanced perfectly. The plane has also been built with a 250 size quadcopter motor and a 1000 3s battery and it flies along just fine at a walking pace.



I held the plane by the fuse, gave it about 3⁄4 power and it took off almost vertically out of my hand. Video of the maiden below.

The plane flies beautifully. I was flying fast for most of the flight and it was great. I saw no bad tendencies at all. At low rates it is nice and docile and at high rates it rolls very quickly. On 4s this thing will be a rocket. But that being said though one of the great things about the plane is the fact that it will also fly really slowly. Here is a video (below) of the designer flying around close to the ground on a small motor and battery.



This is not a plane for the first time flyer since it is not self­-righting, but for anyone that has flown any low wing plane with ailerons it is great. The build is straightforward enough for any fan of Flitetest, and if you are not, just go watch a build video of the spitfire or mustang or a similar plane and you will get the idea. The plane flies great with no surprises and will be a regular in my trips to the field. Its unique look in the sky really gets people's attention too.