DLE 20cc Engine Review

Image Credit: DLE

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Xoar 15x10

- APC 15x10

- Aero-Tech Ultra IBEC

- 30:1 gas to oil mix

- Reed valve modification

- DLE20 Bowman replacement piston ring

- 6v battery


- Starts easy

- Sips on fuel

- Gasoline cost vs nitro cost

- Fits in 60 size airframes

- Price point

- Tons of power

- With an ignition system it runs reliably

- iBEC allows me to kill the motor from my radio


- Some airframes may require modification.

- To redirect the exhaust outside of the standard up or down position you need to buy another muffler, which can be an extra $$ depending on what you want

- Keep in mind this uses a bigger prop, so the spinner that comes with a 60 plane may need to be modified


I know a local group of pilots that look down on things like an iBEC, but I'll tell you what, I love the option of being able to use a range of battery voltages and having throttle cut assigned to a switch on my radio.


After doing some reading about this motor and inspecting its construction first hand you can see small deficits in its manufacturing. The first thing I did was purchased a Bowman Ring from Frank Bowman, it was very inexpensive and made a world of difference in how quickly the motor would prime. Also after taking out the reed block assembly you can see the block isn't flush and the reeds have gaps around the edges. So I took some 600 grit sand paper and sanded them smooth, ideally this will make it run with smoother transitions, and decrease the sputtering you hear from these motors straight from the box. My motor is still breaking in however so time will tell if this makes a difference.


It has a ton of power, starts very easily, uses very little fuel providing for longer flight times and is reliable. You get a lot of motor your money and it's totally worth it... and with Towers codes, who can beat the price!