Sanrock 65A Racing Drone Review

Review by Nicholas Turner, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Ready to Fly package


- Easy to read and follow manual

- Easy to use TX

- 3 speed modes

- Easy to perform flips

- Comfortable TX

- 5 minute flight time

- Comes with 2 batteries

- Durable

- Easy to remove battery

- Two complete sets of extra props.



- Lipos came fully charged

- Orientation issues due to low profile and symmetrical design



This little quadcopter exceeded my expectations. Having 30 plus years of remote control aviation hobby experience, I've learned to be skeptical of low priced entry level r/c aircraft. But this one exceeded my expectations. I was happy to see it was a ready to fly package with two lipos included. I was concerned to see the lipos came fully charged. Leaving lipos charged for long periods of time is a safety hazard. The battery sits underneath the quadcopter in a nice secure cage. I was happy to see there is a stop on the cage to prevent the battery from being placed too far forward, this ensures the center of gravity is right every time.


The instructions are clear on how to pair/bind the quadcopter to the transmitter. Following the instructions bound them successfully and I was ready for my maiden flight. I found speed level 1 to be lethargic and non-exciting for me. Someone with no experience will find this to be the best setting to get used to the quad. I clicked over to speed mode 2 and was happier. The quad picks up forward momentum nicely and turns much sharper. I tried speed mode 3, while I enjoyed the setting, I quickly found out in a small indoor environment speed mode 3 was too much. But while in mode 3 the quadcopter flew significantly faster and was more responsive. I the one flight characteristic I'm not enjoying with the quadcopter is throttle down to lose altitude quirks. I find I have to drop throttle stick all the way, listen to the motors essentially cut off, wait for the quad to drop altitude, then throttle back up. I would like it if I gave a little throttle down the motors spun down slowly/a little bit. But this is minor and I've adapted to the quirk. Due to the low profile of the quadcopter and dark colors, orientation issues do arise. It's best to not let this quadcopter get far away from you. Flight times on a fully charged pack are about 5 minutes and the charge time is around 30 minutes using a five watt cellphone charger wart. For the inexperienced there is headless mode and return to home. The instructions are clear the return to home works very simply: the quadcopter will fly backwards slowly then the pilot must stop it with stick inputs or pressing RTH button again. Overall I'm impressed with the performance of this little quad. It has exceptional performance for such a small, budget friendly package.


Is this for beginners: Yes

Is this for experienced pilots: Yes

Is this for indoors: Yes

Is this for outdoors: Not really, but in ideal zero wind conditions yes

Does it FPV? No, but probably could be modded with sacrificing flight time


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