RCmall 5.8Ghz 150CH FPV Receiver for Android Phone Review

Review by Nicholas Turner, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Receiver and Android Phone


- Small

- portable

- Compatible with many devices


- No instruction manual included



I've been looking for another FPV monitor/goggles because my kids love taking mine and watching as I am forced to fly LOS. This UVC vRX compatible with Android intrigued me, being able to use my phone or tablet as a screen.



The unit comes in an ESD style bag. Included is a rubber ducky antenna, micro USB to micro USB cable, and the vRX.



Screw the antenna on. Plug the micro USB cable in to the vRX and mobile device. I found there are two arrows, a solid and a dashed one. It does matter which way these are connected.



For Android devices install an FPV viewer app. FPV Viewer is recommended by the manufacturer, and works. But the free version puts a watermark on the video and has ads. FPV Viewer does allow saving of the video (aka dvr) but not the ability to take a screenshot. This isn't a big concern as I can use software like ProDRENALIN v2+ to make a screenshot from the video. BUT the watermark is bothersome to me. I found I like Droid FPV app. This app does dvr and screenshot as well.


Changing Channels:

The vRX has one red button. This button is a channel changer and search button. A quick one push will change the vRX channel by to the next frequency. A long press of the button starts the search. As the vRX searches a ping vertical line goes across the screen (showing where it is in the spectrum) and a yellow line goes across and will show the signal when a signal is found. As channels are changed there is yellow text on the screen showing the frequency it is locked on and signal strength in percentage. When signal is lost the vRX displays snow, aka black and white lines/screen.



When a device is recording, there is a little more delay than when not recording. This is expected from a multitasking device/tool. Since this is not a dedicated FPV vRX, there is some delay as compared to say dedicated goggles. But for my limited skill set, this isn't a concern yet.


Range Test:

I set my LHI 220 quadcopter on my deck, unarmed and ensured my AKK X1 vTX was set to 25mW. With my Windows tablet in hand I started walking away (clear line of sight). Around 180 feet with me between the vTX and vRX I started to get breakup. At 200 to 220 feet I was getting severe loss with me between the vTX and vRX. Since I fly 25mW and so far mainly LOS, this was perfectly fine with me range wise. If you understand anything about FPV video transmission then you know obstacles create interference and will impact range.


Device compatibility:

I've spoken about Android's support. But I also tried Windows 7 and Windows 10.


Windows 7

Using a standard USB port I connected the vRX. Windows installed some generic USB webcam drivers and the device showed up in Devices. I didn't have a program for viewing the webcam live, but I was able to select the USB 2.0 webcam in Skype as my camera and saw the video real-time. For dvr I was able to use VLC to record. Using VLC to record kept the video from being seen, and choosing to display the recorded video creates an even bigger lag.


Windows 10

Using the provided micro USB to micro USB cable, I connected directly to the micro USB port on my Toshiba Encore tablet. Again, Windows installed USB 2.0 webcam drivers. Once the drivers were installed I was able to use the default Microsoft Camera app to view the video real time, start and stop dvr, as well as take screenshots. In my opinion this worked as easy, if not easier than the Android support.



Having a UVC 5.8GHz vRX in your toolbox is going to prove handy. My primary uses will be for bench testing vTX setups, ride along with others, show the general public how cool FPV is, and to dvr flights. Android is the preferred platform, but Windows 10 has proven to be just as easy as Android. I'm glad I bought this and would recommend to others to have on available if only for bench testing. I'll be taking mine with me every time I head out to the local flying field just to be able to ride along and share the ride with other people.


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