E-Flite AS3Xtra Review

Review by Hudson Northcutt

Equipment Used:



- Light

- 3d capable

- Several fun settings


- No batteries or charger

- Delicate


I never had the opportunity to buy the original Extra 300, so when I saw that a "little birdie" posted on Facebook that a new one would come out, I held my breath and hoped they were right! Whooh boy!! This is a blast to fly. Made out of some ultra durable foam, it's laser cut, then lightened by drilling a few holes. Then it'd covered on the top of the wing and on the left side of the fuse to save weight. And man is it light! I had no fears about maidening this guy inside a gym and without hesitation I ran 5 batteries through it. It was totally AWESOME! It features the AS3X of which at times, seemed to really wanna do the flying.


If you had the original Extra, or any other micro you should be alright. But for me, I was out of luck. Especially since they recommended the 45Cs, they were on high demand. The covering has some major wrinkles, yes I know it's not gonna be perfect, but I wish it could iron out like Monokote. Reinforce the nose a little bit. I did this with some carbon rod I had laying around the house. a quick slice with an X-acto knife, and some glue I was in great shape. Be sure you have foam safe CA on hand, as you will need it. If you touch the top of the plane, it seems like it breaks. But I put mine through heck and back, so I'm getting what I deserved. AS3X: get it out of here! Or turn it down.. I can roll the plane, and it tries to recorrect itself when I do it..On my own. No! Lets turn it down a little bit, or better yet, off!! I hate it on this plane soo much! But it's a cake walk to fly outside in 5 mph winds. NO MORE!!