Top Flite AT-6 Texan (Mini-Review)

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

OS .91fs Surpass II

7 x JR ST47BB standard servos

AR7000 DSM2 RX

Hydrimax 6v 2000mah rx battery

Spektrum A7040 low profile high torque retract servo

APC 13 x 6 sport prop


-for the most part, easy straight forward build

-great scale looks

-big warbird flight characteristics

-slows down nice

-OS 91 was a perfect pairing for this model

-has retracts which makes for awesome lines in the air

-performs very well in the air

-flaps bring her in for a smooth landing

-scale aluminum spinner and radial engine

-bird cage canopy and great scale details in the cockpit


-mechanical retracts, broke twice, requiring replacing the gear and retract servo. Have to have a straight landing, any side movement would bend the gear wires or break the plastic gear housing.

-upon building the wing, the flap servo orientation is reversed from the manual, hardwood flap mounts were also reversed, just need to flip the servo hatches around to accommodate

-plastic caps on the foam wheels would constantly pop off

-muffler for the os .91 fs motor sticks out from the cowl


This was my first warbird, and it couldn't have gone better. There were a few issues it had, but aside from those it was a blast to fly. Inverted flight took little elevator input, rolls were fairly axial and didn't stall. It would slow down well enough for nice landings but the gear needs improvement. I should have bought the optional air retracts. It was a blast to fly, I would recommend this, but keep in mind the flap issue and the weak landing gear.