Desert Aircraft 60cc Engine (Mini-Review)

Review by Mitchell Cherry

Equipment Used:

Includes engine, ignition, plywood standoffs


Typical props sizes are 24x8, 24x9, and 24x10. At only 3.1 lbs, the power to weight ratio is excellent. The DA reed valve and Walbro carburetor are well matched, providing consistent engine performance at all flight attitudes and throttle settings. Throttle and choke arms are pre-installed.


- Strong engine!

- High quality

- Looks amazing

- Excellent customer service

- 3 year warranty


- No muffler included

- Expensive compared to china brand engines



First off I can say that I absolutely love this engine! I won this engine in a raffle at a fly-in which made it even better. I own two other Desert Aircraft engines and they are great so I fully expected this one to be too. Well I am sure not disappointed.


I decided to put this engine in an Aero-Works Extra 260 Freestyle and it is a great match for power. What is great about this engine is that it is roughly the same size as a 50cc engine but the power you always wanted from a 50cc. My airplane has a 91” wingspan and weighs 18lbs 9oz. I have about a hundred flights on it now and it really seems locked in. It is excellent quality and is one of the best looking engines on the market.


I have been using a Mejzlik 24x10Th and have been happy with the performance. My style of flying is faster, violent aerobatics with some 3D thrown in and this prop fits this role well. Lots of speed but also good pull. I’m also running 30:1 Stihl High-HP.


I would highly recommend this engine! See video below for a real world look at the performance of this engine.