Hobbyzone Delta Ray Review

Review by Gunnar Hovmark, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

This is very much an RTF. All you need is what you find in the box. Transmitter, battery and charger are included. I added an extra battery, a charger and some Oracover day-glo film.


- The ”panic button” on the transmitter is really a stroke of genious. I love it.

Very stable, very light, very easy to fly.

The long foam nose takes the blow if you crash, thus protecting the motors and propellers. In addition, the propellers seem very hard to break, they just flex.

- Very quick and easy assembly


- It seems the batteries and the motors are getting worn out. (after several hundred flights.)

- Motors are a bit weak, but sufficient for taking off from grass though.

- My transmitter can’t be reliably hooked up with another Spektrum transmitter as a buddy box. It looks okay for a little while, and then suddenly the plane makes all kinds of strange moves. I don’t know if that’s a general problem or just mine.

- If you hand launch the Delta Ray you have to be careful so you don’t tear off the battery hatch. The battery is fastened with Velcro so it doesn’t fall out, but it still should be avoided.


To get it ready for flight, just take it out of the box, charge the battery, put the wing tips and the wing fences in place with the enclosed strips of adhesive tape. Use a screw driver to fasten the landing gear. That’s it.


This is sold as a beginner’s plane. I have several years of flying experience but I bought it anyway because I wanted to see how Horizon’s SAFE Technology works. I have to say I´m quite pleased with it. If you get disoriented, just press the panic button and the plane will immediately level the wings and enter a shallow climb. If you set the beginner mode you will be able to make only wide turns. A bit too wide really, it may be difficult to avoid obstacles. If you use intermediate mode you will be able to fly pretty normally, but you will not be able to go inverted. If you use experienced mode you will be able to make all kinds of turns and some basic aerobatics. The SAFE technology also includes stabilization, which makes this plane very easy to fly. My favorite activity with this plane is to fly really, really low. Sometimes too low, but so far it’s survived without too much damage.


To sum this up: If you’re a beginner and want to learn to fly without much assistance from anyone, the Delta Ray is close to ideal. If you’re a more experienced pilot and want a plane that is very stable and easy to fly in just about any weather, the Delta Ray is also a good choice.