Lynxmotion DiaLFonzo Hunter V-Tail 500 Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Luminier 900kv motors

- Velotech 40amp ESCs with SimonK Program

- KK2.15 flight controller

- AR6210 receiver with satellite

- wire power harness from

- yellow sticker set from

- 4s 3000mah battery

- Graupner 10x5 e-props with 8mm-6mm shaft spacers


- Goes together very easily

- KK2.15 board is extremely easy to get the hang of. (I had a friend help me out with it)

- V-tail motor set up looks awesome

- Pretty quick for a quad with fast yaw rates and great stability

- Due to its bilateral symmetry it's very easy to keep orientation


- Do not buy the colored stickers for the frame, they come off very easily, you could easily spray paint it

- Price point is $99 for the frame alone, a bit expensive considering what's available for this size




After my friend helped me to get this set up we found the Vtail motor layout for the rear motors as described on the KK2 board work well for rear motors that are not inverted. We ended up switching the direction of spin for both. It's a stable quad with plenty of power. The ease of on-site Flight Controller manipulation eliminates the need for a laptop at the flying field. It's a head turner due to its unique motor orientation and probably going to be a great FPV platform as well as an all out acro-quad.


KK2 manufacturers have cut costs to a point where hiring a native English speaker to write the instructions is probably outside their budget.... I can't stand trying to interpret these instructions. Plenty of tutorial videos on set up, but you have to do some digging since everyone with an iPhone and a KK2 board has a YouTube setup guide.  Overall I like it and recommend it.