Spektrum DX18 Gen. 1 (Mini-Review)

Image Credit: Horizon Hobby

Review by Mitchell Cherry


DX18 Stock


- Life time radio

- Programing features

- Super user friendly

- Very affordable

- Long radio life on Li-po

- SD Slot for updates

- Great feeling radio


- Personally can’t think of any


I can start by saying that this is a life time radio. I should never have to buy another radio unless I switch companies. I personally will probably never use all 18 channels but the program features are what make this radio great. Coming from a DX7 (old), JR 9503 (great radio), and DX-8, this radio totally made programing large multi servo planes easier. Most of the planes I fly are giant scale gas with 2 servos per aileron, 2 servos on the rudder, servo per elevator half and this radio took all the issues I had with my old radios away.


I am pretty simple when it comes to setting up a plane in that I don’t use telemetry and complex electronics inside the plane. I’m a fan of bare bones High Voltage setups and the Spektrum Powersafe RX’s work perfectly when mated my DX-18.


My favorite feature of my DX-18 is the channel assign feature in the setup menu. That feature eliminates the need to use mixes to setup two surfaces on separate channels. The servo balancer feature really comes in handy to matching travel on surfaces like two separate elevator halves.


All the newest Spektrum radios feature the SD card slot that allows you to update the radio and keep a ridiculously large amount of model memory (250!!). Other features that I don’t use are the sequencer and pre-flight checklist. These are ideal for jets and warbirds that use lots of servos.


What also makes this radio attractive is that it retains the user friendly operation that Spektrum is known for. The Li-po battery is great! I can go a month without charging which is great compared to charging every other day with the old NIMH battery packs. The radio has a good feel in the hands too. It’s a wider radio than most but doesn’t take long to get accustom to flying with it.