Spektrum DX6 Review

Image Credit: Horizon Hobby

Review by Gunnar Hovmark, Staff Contributor


4 NiMH AA batteries, 2300 mAh.

Neck strap

Spektrum DSMX receivers


- Tons of options for a 6ch

- Ergonomic and comfortable

- The sailplane mode. I love it.

- More model memories than you will ever need

- Settings can be saved on SD card.

- Three-way switches

- Robust antenna

- Wireless trainer mode can be used with older Spektrum transmitters


- High battery consumption


Most of us will never need more than six channels. With that in mind, this radio is an excellent (dare I say best) choice. Remember to get rechargeable batteries though!


In depth review (sort of):

I’ve been moving up the Spektrum ladder starting with the DX5e, then DX6i and now the DX6. The DX6i satisfied my needs sufficiently well, but the DX6 has a few nice extra features, and the few quirks that annoyed me on the DX6i have been fixed. On the DX6i it was easy to confuse the landing gear switch with the trainer switch, and the trim switches were a bit weak. On the DX6 the landing gear switch (i.e. switch B) sits in splendid isolation, and the trim switches look rugged. Also, on the DX6 I can turn the beep sound off so I can program it at home without driving my family mad. And the timer is smarter than on the DX6i, works really well.

One thing I really appreciate with the DX6 is the sailplane mode. I have an electric motor glider with flaps. In the sailplane mode I can set up mixing of flaps, stabilator and ailerons to use the flaps and ailerons for low-speed flight, high-speed flight and landing, and to adjust the pitch trim for the different flap settings. I use the throttle lever for the flaps and use one of the three-way switches for motor control. Works great. A three way switch is also great for the landing flaps of my warbirds.


Another thing that I’ve learned to appreciate after Adrian told me about it is the wireless trainer link. Any Spektrum DSMX transmitter can be used as slave, a perfect job for my old DX6i. There is also a large variety of settings for helicopters that I haven’t tried much yet. The DX6 should be quite sufficient for a wide variety of helicopters out there. It’s certainly suitable for my Art-Tech Falcon Beginner heli. The DX6 also has some telemetry features that I haven’t tried yet.


I don’t recommend using alkaline batteries for the DX6, because you would have to change them more or less every day. I use NiMH batteries and always make sure that they are fully charged before I go to the field. A Li-Ion battery pack is available as an accessory. The manual is available here, I’m sure you can find features that I haven’t covered in my review: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Prod…/Files/SPM6700-Manual_EN.pdf