Great Planes Matt Chapman Eagle 580 EP Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

AR600 Dsmx receiver

Hitec HS-82MG servos

Rimfire .32 outrunner brushless motor

45amp silver series brushless esc
5v/2a BEC

4s 3000mah turnigy batteries








-it looks awesome

-unlimited vertical with this power set up

-highly aerobatic, not a beginner's plane

-easy build

-light weight for being a cap580

-excellent covering, stickers really set this model apart from the rest




-glue joints are weak

-landing gear aren't held on well (more than likely because of the glue joints)

-wheel pants are a little flimsy

- laser cut wood makes for a very lightweight model, but require a little careful handling around the fuse, and flex where the fuse is carbon fiber reinforced.

-pull pull rudder connection stretches over time


I bought this one purely for the looks, the covering, and Embry Riddle stickers really stands out at the field. It's an all out aerobatic plane and can do some mild 3d. If you point the nose up and gun the throttle it will be out of sight within moments. Just a blast to fly.... Maintenance on the other hand is different. In a flight demo I had a smooth landing lined up on asphalt. As soon as the wheels touched the ground the gear folded backwards under the fuse. Upon inspection, the whole mounting plate came away from the in one piece. I reinforced it with some epoxy and extra ply. After a few flights I noticed there was some play in the rudder, the "cables" for the pull pull rudder had actually stretched, it was just a matter of tightening them up with the provided hardware, but with my goofy fingers in the fuse I snapped some of the carbon fiber/wood structure inside the fuse. It's a bit on the fragile side. Aside from the repairs, it flies great, looks great, and easy to fix. Plenty of available parts on Tower Hobbies.