Great Planes Matt Chapman Eagle 580 GP/EP (Mini-Review)

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Magnum .91FS nitro motor

- Xoar 13x6 prop

- Spektrum DS821 servos

- AR7000 Receiver

- Hydrimax 6V 2000mah NiMh battery


- Beautiful covering with decals/logos

- Flies amazingly well

- Huge aerobatics

- Easy to build


- Really heavy, it requires a long landing area to keep from tip stalling

- Landing gear mount is weak, I popped a glue joint on a few landings


I'll keep this focused on the plane:

Out of the box there was nothing difficult about the build. It was very easy. Once I got it in the air and trimmed out, it tracked straight. There was a bit of coupling in a knife edge but easy to adjust for with either mixing or elevator input on the stick. In a harrier it had some wing rock which seemed to disappear when inverted. Hovers were ok, I think I built this a bit on the nose heavy side so that was probably my fault as to why I couldn't get it to hover well. But over all as a sport plane it was fantastic. Give yourself plenty of smooth runway for landings.