Tenergy TDR Eggsplorer Flying Egg Transformable RC Quadcopter Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- All stock equipment


- Neat looking quad that transforms

- Everything included except 2xAAAs


- Flies like crap

- Controls are too mushy feeling

- Unresponsive as heck

- Very cheap feeling

- Not worth even the cheap price


This is going to be a quick, short review. For the most part, you can just watch the video below and get all of the info you need about this product. First, I must thank Tenergy for sending it to me free of charge for review. It takes a strong company to send out a free product at the risk of getting a negative review. I myself read the reviews of this product on Amazon and was surprised to see that people gave it decent ratings. I am not sure if they were all being honest. Anyway, let's get to it.


Unboxing and Set-Up:

The box looks and feels pretty fancy. The packaging is well done and you get everything you need to fly minus the batteries for the transmitter. The controller is small but feels fine, and the quad itself looks cool, but feels cheap and fragile. When I initially powered it on to open the arms, 2 of the arms stuck. I had to unjam them and work them open and closed a few times to get them fully functional. I read through the manual as the quad charged and readied my camera.



I flew inside for a bit, but the lack of responsiveness (which is unusual for a small quad) made me feel like outside was a better venue. Lucky for me, there was zero wind out. Outside, the quad still felt like it did inside, sluggish, sloppy, drifty, and all around just plain crappy. Not only that, but it is near impossible to keep orientation on this quad. It's shape and lack of direction defining lights make it hard to keep oriented even for me, a seasoned pilot. There were times my input went unanswered for a few seconds and other times when the quad did it's own thing. It flips well, but so do some of my RC trucks lol. In the end, I was so disappointed in this quad, that I dug up some of my old NCAA soccer skills and volleyed it right out of the air (at the end of the video below). Honestly, that was my favorite part of that flight.



Nothing much to say here, this quad blows and is not worth your $30. There are so many alternatives at that price point that fly better and are actually hobby grade with replaceable parts. My eggspecations were certainly not met, especially after having been so pleasantly surprised with the last Tenergy quad I reviewed. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT buy this drone.


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