BlitzRCworks Mini F22 V2 w/Gyro Review

Image Credit: BlitzRCworks

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- 50mm edf and 20amp brushless ESC

- Bought Parkzone servos to replace the ones it came with

- AR400 receiver

- 3s 850mah battery


-The foam mold looks great with an authentic paint job, really good looking scale mini jet

- Magnetic battery hatch for

- 2 servo control

- Very stable flight characteristics

- Belly lander for easy grass landings

- Easy build

-Don't need the stupid gyro, flies great


- Supplier is Banana Hobby.... not well known for quality products

- Servos it was supplied with were shot out of the box. I didn't bother contacting BH just bought some replacements at my LHS

- I couldn't figure out the supplied 2 axis Gyro for the life of me so I trashed it

- The 2 servo configuration is quite odd, made for an interesting push-rod experience

- Severely under powered

- Manual said to glue the nose cone on, Expecting to have to replace the nose in a hard crash I decided to make mine magnetic, it worked out very well.

- Due to low power output and no rudder control it wasn't much of a performer


I am an extremely patient person, but the issues this little plane gave me would probably drive some one else up the wall. For a plane that was advertized as being 95% assembled I was disappointed when the servos didn't work. The gyro instructions, and how to set them up were completely flawed. When it was hooked up to the servos they wouldn't respond correctly, if you tried to fly this plane with the Gyro installed you most likely would have crashed. I hate that this plane was so appealing in how it looked, its price point, and how it was advertized drawing in new people to the hobby. For a brand new pilot, I'm sure this looks exciting and fast but you will be destined for failure if you don't know what to look out for.


It flew well, but not fast, and not very high. Pretty scale looking in the air though. Not a choice I would make again.