RocHobby F2G Super Corsair High Speed 1100mm Review

Image Credit: FMS

Review by Luke Barnett

Equipment Used:

- Orange RX 6 channel basic RX

- Spektrum DX9 Black Edition Radio

- 2500 mah (50C) 4 cell Lipo


- Incredibly sleek lines with awesome paint and graphics

- Fast Fast Fast!!! Speed and power does away with the historical Corsair bad behavior

- Great power to weight ratio

- Two large removable hatches for easy access to internals and battery

- Four large and very bright LEDs on wing tips and landing lights

- Detailed multicolored prop and spinner that hold up very well, even in nose overs

- Robust and stiff main wing has virtually no flex for high speed maneuvers.


- Twisting retract, require near perfect landing to keep them from buckling on grass landings.

- Landing flaps are a bit small and are lacking in slowing power. I decided to make my throws a bit more aggressive to help slow the plane down.

Disclaimer: This writer is now doing reviews directly for ForceRC and FMS. My hope is that they were written with 100% honesty, but I felt it was worth informing the readers of the situation for the sake of transparency.



To continue with my love of fast war birds and to support my habit of FMS planes, I thought it only to be fitting that I ordered one of the Roc Hobby F2G Super Corsair’s. Keeping in line with the reputation of quality products at competitive prices, the Super Corsair falls nothing short of that motto. Historically, the swept gull wing of the Corsair is unmistakable in the skies. FMS has done a great job of holding true to that look and have gone a step further to incorporate real life styling with accurate graphics and body lines of the Super Corsair Racer. This plane also holds strong with FMS’s reputation for rock solid, fast, and incredibly controllable airplanes, even without flight stabilizers (which I love). As in my previous review of the Roc Hobby P-39 AiraCobra, the review of the Super Corsair will incorporate 5 major areas as to provide a well rounded review based upon my experience of the plane. Prepare yourselves…….this one is yet another great plane from FMS.


Un-boxing and Build:

I ordered the Super Corsair from a U.S. based supplier and it arrived at my house within 3 days (in Central Arkansas). FMS succeeded in securing some amazing, centrally located U.S. based suppliers that are able to quickly and cost effectively get me their products. The packaging, as usual, was great with no damage to any of the included parts and pieces. Everything was wrapped with protective foam and had no “shipping rash.” Like most birds in this size series, the Super Corsair came out of the box and went together with ease. All of the included ball link and speed clevis hardware was separated out for each set of surfaces and included the standard extras (and the beloved screwdriver) in case I lost anything. With planes as fast as FMS’s High Speed series, its critical to have well fitted, tight, and true control surfaces. This plane had just that. Although the ball end links are not widely loved within the hobby, once adjusted and snapped together, they certainly serve the purpose and hold together quite well, even after months of usage. I have yet to have one fail on me so I have learned to like them. I do recommend a pair of ball link connector pliers as it makes installation and future mechanical adjustments much less damaging and frustrating. This model is yet another one that required no glue and went together with no issues, even the screw holes lined up.


Setup and Trimming:

Initial setup and trimming went as expected. I do recommend sticking closely to the recommended dual rates and expos as they proved to be right on during my maiden flight. For my reviews, I really prefer not to use gyros for the initial flights so I decided to fit the Super Corsair with a standard Orange RX, six channel receiver and paired it to my Spektrum DX9 Black Edition radio. I also used a 2500 mah (50C) 4 cell Admiral lipo from MotionRC. The only issue I had with mechanical trimming of the plane was a sticky rudder due to a pinched control rod tube which a bit of WD40 took care of. Warning: WD40 removes the paint from the foam. I learned the hard way and now I have a streak of white running down the pristine red body.


With all of my tail dragger war birds with retracts, especially the fast landers, I like to make a very easy and effective modification to assist in “nose over” prevention. I simply remove all four screws from both landing gear and place small spacers (I use the extra plastic prop adapter rings that come with all APC props) under the retract housings with some extended screws to lock them back down. This simply rakes the gear forward a half to ¾ of an inch and gives the plane a bit better stance that helps prevent those dreaded nose overs. Just a bit of minor massaging to the foam surrounding the wheel cups is all that was necessary to get the retracts to fold without binding on the foam. No cutting of foam was required.


Maiden Flight (Take off, Speed, Stability, and General Performance):

The take off was great!! This plane requires very little runway and with takeoff flaps, it nearly jumps off the ground. The Super Corsair is another one of FMS’s “high speed” versions so with all that power, it pulled through the grass, climbed beautifully and had zero torque roll upon takeoff. The unique design of the Corsair wing provides for very gentle stalls and maneuvering but proved to be excitingly aggressive during high speed maneuvers.


It must not go unsaid that the Super Corsair looks incredible in the sky. This bird comes stock with wing tip LED’s and landing LEDs that are forward facing, both highly visible even during the day. The sleek profile combined with the detailed graphics makes this plane easy to track, even from a distance. Not once did I lose orientation.


The last point I would like to make is this thing is fast!!! FMS never disappoints with the top speed of their “high speed” birds. With a 2500 mah (50C) 4 cell lipo battery, you certainly run out of room quickly. Banking turns are a kick in the pants due to the high torque motor as it carries its weight through just about any maneuver you tell it to perform.



Gear down (yep, it has retracts too) and landing flaps engaged…….time to land this monster. Like I mention in my pros and cons section, the landing flaps are a bit small, so I decided to dial in a bit more aggressive throws with flaps only. It required zero mixing of down elevator for flaps. She came in a bit fast, but the grass was short so the landing went excellent. Absolutely no “nose over” as you might expect with such a large motor and battery up front. FMS did a great job of providing plenty of room inside the fuselage to allow several options for battery and other equipment placement so it was quite easy to get the bird to “CG” correctly. This is also the reason it lands and taxis well.


Upon landing, the Super Corsair was able to taxi in grass all the way to the pits, about 150 feet away. Yet another success!!! FMS, like most all of their planes, got the F2G Super Corsair right on the money!!! FMS has done another great job with the F2G Super Corsair and this is yet another plane that pushes the envelope of beauty, agility and speed. I highly recommend this bird to anyone needing to suffice their need for speed as it certainly delivers. FMS continues to live up to their reputation of “Excellence in the Skies.” Thanks again FMS, for putting a smile on my face.