FMS F4U Corsair V3 1400MM Review

Review by Joray Sena

Equipment Used:

F4U Corsair V3 1400mm PNP


3600-4000mah 4s admiral 50c battery also motion rc I believe $50.00







- Nice tight foam

- Metal retracts hold up nicely

- Flaps are slow enough not to baloon the plane

- Inexpensive parts are available at motion rc

- All n All beautiful plane for the price


- 540kv motor is a little underpowered



Purchase 580kv motor from the FW190 $38.00 (really worth it). Look at RC Groups under FMS prop mod and follow video. You may even find it on YouTube under prop mod or shim.


Hey guys, my first review im not to good at wording things so bear with me.


This is the 1400mm V3 FMS Corsair. When I first got her I was amazed at the detail it has bright nav lights all metal retracts on a sequencer. The wheels go up nice and slow and the doors close behind them (nice). The flaps are a little tricky to set just right, do as much adjustment as possible at the push rods. Once they are set they are nice and slow. If you deploy flaps at half throttle there's very little ballooning and I have no mix set in. Also it didn't even tip stall at a walking pace.


Now the 540kv motor, this is where I was a little disappointed. It had to be flown at full throttle and in the turns the ass would drop and almost feel like it was gonna stall. So I bought an adapter from to put a APC 14x12 2 blade prop. Now that worked better got more speed and didn't drag ass in the turn, but it still wasn't what I wanted. The next thing I did was bought the 580kv motor from the fms 1400mm FW190 and did the prop mod from RC Groups where you shim the blades with a zip tie on the original 4 blade prop. I got to remaiden her today and all I could say is WOW, that really had the Elvis leg going on me. She was fast went vertical and could haul a$$ at half throttle.



One fast plane with plenty of torque and power to spare.

One happy pilot that has a silly face stuck on him