Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat RxR 39" Review

Review by Joray Sena

Equipment Used:

39 inch wingspan

1000kv brushless motor

2200 admiral 45c 3s lipo


- Price-$109.00

- Great flyer

- Looks great


- Needs prop change for better flight

- Decals flake off easily


My opinion the F6F is a great flyer although i have all three of thr TH series and they all fly great i believe this is the easiest and most stable flyer in the group. Out the box this is some of the best looking foam and well packaged with no defects on mine. The water slide decals look great they flake off easy. The problem with these planes is they are under proped but thats an easy fix by changing out the 3 blade prop for a 2 blade apc 10x7 slofly, by this you double the performance. On the watt meter it shows 378w well under the 388w rating. Currently im waiting for my gps tracker to check speed but i can tell you now unlimited vertical with this set up the roll rate is fast and landing is easy for a taildragger. Some say they have to add weight to the nose but i havent had that problem, just push the battery all the way up and its fine. The removable landing gear is nice especially is you fly parks and belly land. I would say its a perfect first warbird not only is it easy to fly but durable also. The advanced flyer would have fun because its really aerobatic. To wrap up i think for the price and performance you get for about 100.00 bucks with the coupon and free shipping these are the best bang for the buck.  RC Universe video below for reference.