Great Planes Fling Hand Launch Glider ARF 48.75" (Mini-Review)

Review by James Pitman

Equipment Used:

3 amp CC BEC

Futaba R616FFM RX

2 S3114M servo's

350 zippy 2s battery for a AUW of about 7.65oz








-Easy straight forward assembly

-Mini high start takes a fraction of the space of even a standard up-start or high start.

-Small size fits in any car easily.

Thermals on a butterfly fart.


Overall if your already flying and want to see if non powered flight is for you, this is a great introduction. Easy 2 channel setup allows anyone to experience this flight. Small mini high start still gets up to thermal territory easily, although I at first did not like the pink, it is easy to see when high overhead. It will handle decent winds for the weight it is, although it does wallow in the sink with higher wind speeds it will stay on the high start for quite the climb and zoom off with some authority.


-The pull pull setup on both elevator is hard to set up, strings sometimes will fray exiting the fuselage.

-Only one position for the starting hook, have to make your own holes and blind nuts if you want to move it back further.

Hard to get the CG perfect due to the low weight, will pitch badly if the CG is even a little off.