Orlandoo Hunter OH35P01 1/35 Micro Crawler Kit Combo (F-150 Pickup Truck) Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- All stock equipment

- Spektrum 2ch receiver

- Spektrum DX4S


- Nice scale body, windows, tires

- Nice box lol

- Upgrade parts available


- Low quality parts

- Drill makes some holes too large

- Front diffs don't rotate smoothly

- Slow as molasses, like SLLLOOWW!

- Links are weak

- Servo is too weak to turn full amount

- All instructions in Chinese, no English

- Not enough room for electronics

- No battery tray

- Not remotely fun to drive

- Harder to build than most 1/10 kits

- I hate it


I'm going to keep this review short, because honestly, I hate the shit out of this truck. When I first saw the Orlandoo trucks advertised, I thought they looked awesome. I watched some youtube videos and that pushed me over the edge to order one of these little guys.



Since I ordered from Amainhobbies, I knew I would get my package quickly and well packed. When I got my package I immediately opened it to really get a good feel for the size of the F150. It is certainly smaller than I had imagined, but WOW, the parts are tiny! The screws are near microscopic lol. I was disappointed to find there were no English instructions. That leaves you building just based on pictures. Not a huge issue, but it makes you wonder if you are missing a step or two. Like any truck kit, the parts were bagged in sequenced bags to let you know which one to open for which part of the build. I was pleased that it came with a little pin drill and a ram rod for pushing in the bearings.



So this is where it goes down hill. The build isn't over the top difficult, but just be sure to build over a white table or something, the screws are tiny and dark colored. So oddly, the kit requires you to drill a few holes in parts of the chassis and on the axles. I know this is a kit, but these steps seemed a little unnecessary and stupid. There are tons of other holes predrilled, so why they wouldn't predrill these is beyond me. What is even more stupid, is I think the drill is slightly too large for the holes that you need to drill out. What that means is that your ball ends can fall out. I tried a few different kinds of adhesive to get them to stay in, but nothing really worked that well. The links themselves are really thin and prone to bending if you handle them too much. The axles halves do not go together very precisely and my front diffs were defective or something. I rebuilt the front axle 3 times to try to get the gear skip/bump I was experiencing to go away, but it persisted despite my efforts.


The included light kit was unclear with only chinese instructions and an unclear diagram, so I didn't bother to assemble it. The drive shafts were a pain in the ass to attach to the gear box and needed to be shaved down to get them to attach correctly. I think the Jeep version has more room for the electronics, but this F150 is extremely tight inside for the electronics. You have to stick the esc in a forward slot, and try and find room for your full sized receiver. Then you have to find a place for the battery. On top of that, accessing the battery requires you to take half the body off, which of course risks you bending or breaking something. The fitment of the chassis and body blows. It requires a lot of force to get it together and of course, no access to the battery is a pain. Finally, the servo that is included SUCKS! It moves it's full range when not attached to the steering links, but once it's attached, it just moves a few degrees each way. That is very unlike a true crawler.


Driving and Conclusion:

And here we are, driving this POS is the most unpleasant time I have ever had driving an RC car. My reaction at the end of my video is authentic. It took all I could muster not to STOMP on this little thing. Part of me wanted to reorder some of the parts to see if I could make it better, but after seeing the top speed, I don't think I'll ever have fun with this thing. The old Losi Micro Crawler made an ass out of this thing performance-wise. What I did notice is the guys that have made the most of this kit are using the aftermarket upgrade parts. I thought there were upgrade parts just for the sake of the hobby, but I honestly don't think this truck is fun otherwise. Again, with no easy access to the battery, I am guessing that these end up being shelfqueens on RC guys counters. $110 doesn't sound like much, but it does hurt a little when you drop that much on something you hate and won't use. Since Losi discontinued their Micro Crawler, this micro crawler market is pretty vacant unless you want to pay almost $200 for Pro-Line's offering. I think they are out of their minds for charging that much for something that doesn't look remotely scale. That said, LOSI!!! Please bring back a MICRO CRAWLER! The market is begging you for it!


To anyone reading this, DO NOT BUY THIS. If you must have a tiny crawler, nab an ECX Temper or Barrage.


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