Multiplex FunCopter V2 RR Review

Review by Gunnar Hovmark, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6i

Receiver: Orange, 6 channels

Battery: Gravity 3 cell, 3300 mAh


- Very robust, unless you ”land” tail first

- I like the size of it

- Nice motor


- My Funcopter was in no way ready to fly out of the box, and I’ve never quite succeeded in getting it flyable

- Weak servo gears.

- The tail shakes violently up and down at low speed level flight.


This is not a helicopter for beginners, and I doubt that it’s a helicopter for anyone at all. Maybe it can be made to fly well with the help of an experienced helicopter owner.


After having mastered an E-Sky Big Lama coaxial and an Art-Tech Falcon Beginner single rotor helicopter I wanted something bigger. I read a favorable review of the Multiplex Funcopter in the Swedish magazine Modellflygnytt and decided to go for it. I got a plug’n’play version, i.e. everything was in the box except the battery, receiver and transmitter.


I installed the radio gear and the battery according to instructions. On setting up the helicopter I noticed that the flybar was a bit stiffly attached to the rotor head. It took a little bit of force to make it rock back and forth. My two previous helicopters had been set up and tested at the factory, so I wrongly assumed that it was the same thing with this one and did nothing about the flybar.


At the first flight my Funcopter was uncontrollable, resulting in the tail boom pointing slightly sideways afterwards, and broken gears in one of the servos. The tail boom broke when I tried to straighten it.


I got a new tail boom, a new servo and loosened the flybar screws a bit. The next flight in calm weather went well, and after I had increased the travel of the tail rotor pitch the Funcopter didn’t feel too bad. I even wrote a positive comment about it on Youtube.


However, I have constant problems controlling it as soon as there’s a little wind, conditions that I handle easily with my Art-Tech helicopter. Another problem is that my Funcopter shakes violently at a certain rotor RPM, typically at slow level flight. I have tried balancing the rotor blades and to make the tail boom stiffer with a couple of carbon fiber rods, but that doesn’t help. I was thinking of trying FPV with the Funcopter, but that’s out of the question because of the shaking.


I’m really disappointed with the Funcopter and I don’t recommend anyone to buy it.