Multiplex FunCub Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used/Overview:

- Multiplex Fun Cub RR

- 13x4 propeller


Later tested with:

- Castle 54a esc

- Hacker A30 16M motor


- FUN, it's even in the name!

- Versatile, STOL able

- High quality foam and Multiplex's great German quality

- Huge flaps

- Huge tires




I decided to buy this plane because I had seen a few videos on youtube while I was researching other planes. It stuck out to me that for a cub, it looked pretty aerobatic.  I saw that the guys flying it were having a blast.  Finally, the review from 2BrothersHobby pushed me over the edge.  I wasn't much of a buidler at the time, so I went with the RR version.  A good friend of mine built the kit version and loved the process... I kind of wish I would have done it myself.  With the RR version, you are ready to fly pretty quickly.


One of the first great things about this plane is it's size.  Don't let the wingspan dissuade you from buying this as a parkflyer.  The wings come off and on in about 2 or 3 minutes.  Simply plug in your servo leads, and screw in the two nylon screws and you're ready to go.  The plane is very versatile and perfect for just about any field. It takes off in less than a foot (using the recommended motor and 13x4 prop) with flaps down. It can do mild 3d... doesn't mean I can, but it can.  The great part about this plane is that it can be used as a good sized trainer with all the controls toned down and flaps deactivated but it can also suit an experienced pilot who just wants to chuck something in the car and go fly about anywhere (with the exception of the no-fly areas around DC and northern Virginia around here).  Even as I have advanced in the hobby, moving into some larger, gas powered planes, I never head to the field without my Fun Cub.  When people see me flying some fun maneuvers, then flying fast, then slowing down to a snails pace, then diving, activating the flaps, and landing, they usually approach and wonder what the heck kind of Cub I'm flying.  The Fun Cub has really gotten popular at my field as many folks have seen the versatility of this plane and like the different ways they can goof around with it.


The fun also does not stop on the water.  The large prop and power motor hardly notice there are floats attached. There is almost zero pendulum effect.  You pretty much take off the same way as on land, hammer the throttle and pull back on the elevator!  Landing is a breeze as long as you keep the nose up a little.


The only complaint I have ever heard about this plane is the landing gear. The tires are actually made of the same foam the plane is. They are not exactly made for pavement in that you will never have a nice rolling out landing on pavement. This sucker is at it's best flying off of dirt, beach sand, grass up to a few inches high.  That said, I am finding myself at a loss for more descriptions that will do this plane justice.  I have never met anyone that did not like flying it.  I couldn't recommend it any stronger than I am now.  If you have never owned a Multiplex plane before, after this one, you'll want to look at more of their offerings.  Their quality is unmatched in the foamie world... and I have never flown a Multiplex model that I didn't like.  Check out my other reviews on the Fun Man and the PC6 Pilatus Porter.


Update:  Since initially writing this review, I had a servo malfunction that caused a crash.  I hit straight on the propeller so no damage whatsoever to the plane, but the motor shaft bent drastically.  I decided to go a lighter route with a replacement motor and esc. I used a Castle 54a esc, and a Hacker A30 16M motor.  I must say, WOW! WOW!  If you are building a kit, try this motor out!  You may need to hollow out the motor area a tiny bit, but it takes just a few minutes.