Multiplex FunMan Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used/Overview:

This plane is currently only offered as a receiver ready package.  I have no issue with that because I don't love building and I like getting my planes in the air as soon as possible.  This plane goes together in just a few moments.

I used a 7 channel Futaba receiver and fly it with my Futaba 14SG.


- Glacier 3s 1000mah battery

- Hitec HS55 servos for ailerons


- Fun, you'll notice that word in every review of Multiplex's planes that I do.

- Versatile, STOL able

- High quality foam and Multiplex's great German quality

- The easiest plane ever to add ailerons

- Building takes just minutes and the plane is small enough to take with you fully assembled

- Durable... I haven't tested it's durability as I am a solid lander, but the construction and the foam used is A+

- EXTREMELY easy to cut the ailerons


Like my other Multiplex reviews, the cons aren't really cons.


If I had to list 1, it would be:


- Comes as a 3 channel plane


However, with two Hitec HS55 servos, you're good to go in a very short time.


So even though I have started enjoying flying .40 to .60 sized planes, I still like to take a little foam with me when I go to the field.... which usually means grab the Multiplex FunCub or Pilatus.  However, there are times where I have a very limited amount of time to fly and it is all about taking something already assembled.  Since buying the FunCub, I had always wanted a "mini" version of it... they had the Minimag, but it wasn't quite as zippy as the FunMan.  Also, with the big tires, it flies just about anywhere too!


I was excited when the box came in the mail so I immediately tore into it. I knew from the getgo that I would be adding the ailerons. I was a little nervous about having to perform mild surgery on a little foamie, but it had to be done.  Multiplex could not have made adding the ailerons easier.  I remember the difficulty of adding flaps to a few Parkzone birds having to slice foam with a hobby knife in a straight line... and never getting it straight.  Multiplex made the foam so thin around the ailerons that just lightly going over the edges with a knife, opens it right up. No guess work, no precise cutting needed.  The servos just plopped in and hooked up with the extra hardware you need to buy.


If you are a novice pilot, leave the plane as 3 channel for a while, then move up to 4 channel by installing the servos.  If you are an experienced pilot, I recommend ditching the recommended radio settings as they are too docile, even on high rates.  I have my throws set as far as they'll go without binding.  This little guy is a blast to fly and I'd recommend it to anyone in need of a compact but awesome performing foamie. This is a perfect plane for a person that either wants to fly at a park (where it's legal), or just as a throw in the back seat of the car intact and immediately fly when you get to the AMA field plane!  I like flying this little guy between flights with my bigger gas birds.  If you need any advice or have any questions about this review, contact me at