Top Flite Giant Scale FW-190 (Mini-Review)

Review by Mitchell Cherry

Equipment Used:

Wingspan: 86"

Powerplant: DLE-55

RX- AR9020 and DX18

SX- Hitec HS-5985HV's

Batteries: 3x 2600mAh Li-ions

Prop- Xoar 22x8

Robart Electric Retracts


The build was relatively easy because of the good instructions that the manufacturer supplies. Even though it is an ARF, the build is more oriented toward an Intermediate skilled builder. Two things I would like to point out is the tail retract is a VERY tight fit and the cowling screws are extremely hard to insert and remove without breaking the cowling fan. Poor design on that part. This plane is also quite heavy weighing close to 30lbs. Even with the supplied weights on the motor box, 1lb 7oz. was needed for CG with the DLE 55.


- Large stable airframe

- Sturdy airframe

- Flys great!

- Very fast despite the weight

- Large scale flaps and landing gear

- Serious performer

- Good build


- Cowling mounting sucks

- Tail gear area is really tight for installing the retract.

- Really heavy so transportation can be rough. Make sure it's secure.

Almost needs 2 people to assemble at the field.


This was my first warbird, and it couldn't have gone better. There were a few issues it had, but aside from those it was a blast to fly. Inverted flight took little elevator input, rolls were fairly axial and didn't stall. It would slow down well enough for nice landings but the gear needs improvement. I should have bought the optional air retracts. It was a blast to fly, I would recommend this, but keep in mind the flap issue and the weak landing gear.