RA Cores Gremlin Combat Plane Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- OS .25fx nitro motor

- JR ST47BB servos (3)

- AR500 receiver

- Hydrimax 6V 2000mah battery


- Cheap! ($35)


- It flies like its on rails, and with no power it will glide forever

- You cover it how you want

- It's a kit

- Belly lander (grass is good)


- You have to cover it somehow (monokote, packing tape)

- Does not includetank, pushrods, clevises, and the various bolts needed for completion.

- Belly lander (rocks suck) with a foam core wing, it's probably best to just use packing tape all over it for durability


I had been eyeballing this one for a while I couldn't pass up the price. Since I had a .25 laying around and a bunch of extra servos it was a quick build, needing maybe a couple of evenings of dedicated building to get it done. The instructions were very complete. Details were included for best performance and balance as well as tips for durability. The first flight was was amazing, it handled very well, tracked straight and pulled tight turns. It's an excellent combat plane and for the price you can have back up airframes at the field in case of a mid air. It's awesome.