Aeroworks GT Trainer 20cc/30cc Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


- Wing Span 88 Inches

- Wing Area 1320 Square Inches

- Fuselage Length 70.5 Inches (Rudder to Front of Cowl)

- Fuselage Length 74 Inches (Rudder to Front of Spinner)

- Cowl Width 6.25 Inches

- Weight 11 to 13 Pounds

- Engine 20cc to 30cc Gas

- Spinner Size 3 Inches

- Radio 6 Channel Minimum

Equipment Used:


- DLE 30cc


- Throttle Hitec HS-5645MG

- Aileron Hitec HS-5645MG (Quantity 2)

- Elevator Hitec HS-5645MG

- Rudder Hitec HS-5645MG

- Candy Drop Hitec HS-5645MG


- Futaba 14SG w/ R7008SB rx


2 x 2s2200mAH Life for rx and ignition


- Strong, well-built model

- Highest quality I've ever owned

- Great color scheme, attractive looks

- Docile as heck...

- But will hover! Awesome flyer

- Easy to land

- Very straight forward build

- Candy drop is a hoot

- Ready to fly in 5 mins at the field



LOL! Can't think of any


:( AEROWORKS IS OUT OF BUSINESS. No point in the write, up, but this was an awesome airplane. Enjoy the video.