HeadPlay SE FPV Headset w/ 40ch 5.8 GHz Receiver and RHO lens Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


1x Headplay SE

1 x F220 mm cinematic view lens

1 x XT60 power harness/DVR harness (DVR not included)

1 x Face foam 7 mm

1x  Face foam 15 mm


- Low latency LCD -best racing performance

- HDMI-in for HD FPV

- New 5.8 GHz receiver with autoscan channel finder

- XT60 battery input for all day run timeFeatures:

- Low latency LCD -best racing performance

- HDMI-in for HD FPV

- New 5.8 GHz receiver with autoscan channel finder

- XT60 battery input for all day run time


- Awesome

- Awesome view

- Awesome ease of use

- Awesome battery options

- Awesome fit



- Big? lol


I am not an expert FPV pilot, I don't win races, I don't do amazing freestyle. I am an average Joe RC guy that likes to do a little bit of everything. In this last year, FPV flying has been something I have started doing more often. I have learned a lot about different equipment and have learned enough to know what I like and what I don't like. I owned the version 1 Headplays and I currently own a set of FatShark Dominator SEs. When I saw the v2 Headplays announced, I was pretty excited to check them out and see what had been improved...who am I kidding...I just wanted to have the latest version. I ordered my set from Stone Blue Airlines because they are a great company and because they are here in Virginia and I figured they'd get here quickly.



My package got here in just a couple days nicely double boxed. The contents of the box are minimal this go around. You get the carrying case, foams for your face, the RHO lens, and the headset. I was happy that they were able to get the price a bit lower by not including a battery and an antenna. Let's be honest, most of us use our own battery and preferred antenna anyway. Other than that, the headset is already fully assembled, though if you want to use the included RHO lens, you'll have to do some disassembly and reassembly.



If you have ever heard hype about the HeadPlays, let me assure you, it's not hype. The HeadPlays are excellent. Don't let the size fool you either, the headset it light and it is very comfortable. Most eye-glasses will fit in without issue, but if you're sporting some Buddy Holly style glasses, you may have to do some surgery. The menus are very easily navigable using the buttons on the side. You'll find it is very much like using the buttons on a tv. Finding the channel is also very easy. You can either use the scan function, or you can find the channel manually. I'm lazy and since I don't use these for racing (though you easily could), I always just use the channel scan feature.


Flying with the HeadPlays is awesome. It is such a pleasant experience, both with the richness of the color on the screen and also with the field of view. Unlike traditional goggles, the headset does not have to be perfectly aligned. The HeadPlays are perfect for folks that just want to slap them on, get the channel right and start flying without worrying about eye/screen alignment like you do with the FatShark offerings. Now I'm not slamming FatSharks, I use mine for stuff like racing or for precision flying. I prefer my HeadPlays for exploring with my quad or flying fixed wing. With the HeadPlays you can look around the screen without anything getting blurry or anything like that. One of my absolute favorite parts is that they made it 2s to 4s compatible and put an XT-60 connector on them. That means that you can grab one of your flight packs and stick it on your headset. That makes it easier to always have a charged pack and of course gives you the ability to buy cheaper packs and charge without changing charge leads. Another great thing about this new V2 is the harness for the DVR (available separately). You literally just plug the DVR in, slap a micro SD card in, and you are ready to record with the push of a button. If you have been considering other box FPV headsets, stop looking. There are some decent ones out there for cheaper, but they don't come anywhere close to the value and quality you get with HeadPlays.


I am going to spare you going over any of the technical information because my site is more about the "Is it worth buying?" question. If you understand specs, you can read the product pages or watch/read the reviews where the guys just pretty much recite the specs word for word. Sorry for not including any video footage, the quality you'd see from the DVR is more based on the cameras you use versus the abilities of the HeadPlay's screen.



Most of your favorite FPV suppliers should now have the V2 HeadPlays in stock. I chose to buy from Stone Blue Airlines because they are a great company, they are in my home state, and the owner has always taken his time out to advise me on FPV gear. You can't go wrong ordering from them. I am including the link to directly buy from HeadPlay because if you know you aren't going to use the RHO lens, you can knock a few bucks off of the price and invest instead on the DVR. The free shipping is nice also. I emailed back and forth with HeadPlay also and they were really courteous and communicative. I would recommend the HeadPlay FPV headset any day of the week especially if you are new to FPV. They aren't just for beginners by any means, but their ease of use and immersive FPV experience will get you going quickly and you'll simply love what you see. I know this is one of my shorter reviews, but I just wanted to tell you how great the HeadPlays are and to tell you to buy them with confidence if you've been on the fence about them.


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