H-King 1/8 HKM-390 On-Road Racing Motorcycle V2 (Brushless) RTR Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock Gear

Zippy 2s 1300mah battery


- Looks badass

- Fast as hell

- Stable at low speed

- Decent price

- Dual belt driven

- Mechanical gyro in rear wheel


- Steering servo glitches a little

- Poor quality control

- Driver Helmet difficult to assemble and mount

- Body not available seprately

- No tools included


I'll keep this brief as the video embedded below tells you everything you need to know minus a few updates. Anyway, as you may remember, my first RC bike was the SkyRC SR-5 off-road 1/5 scale motorcycle. I loved it, but I also wanted something more on-road looking. While I wanted something 1/5 scale, I was happy to see the brushless version of this HKM390 announced. If I couldn't have 1/5 scale, at least I could have brushless!


Out of the Box:

This product comes almost fully assembled but there is some assembly required. You have to put on the guard rails yourself, you have to add all of the decals yourself, and you have to assemble the head and mount it. That last part is a pain in the ass because the screws barely fit, and the holes for the visor are not pre-drilled. Be patient, lest you screw something up. Once you get it fully ready, it looks badass!



To see how this bike drives, please watch my video below. What you will see is how well it can go slow and how small of an area you can drive it in. Gone are the days where you needed a huge area to run an RC bike. Speedwise, you can go as slow as you want, or you can do a 40mph speed run. That's right folks, this little sucker does 40mph! Don't hit the brakes to hard or you'll lose control of the bike. It's small and not too robust, so I don't recommend trying to jump it. Treat it pretty much the way you would treat a real on-road motorcycle and you should be fine. The quality control issues I mentioned in my cons are below in the conclusions section.



Ok, first off, I truly love this motorcycle. I really do. It is so much fun and such a joy to watch zip around on the pavement. Here are my gripes though. First, this RTR uses some smaller than usual hardware, so they really should have included the appropriate sized hex keys. Second, after a bit of driving, I noticed some wobble. Turns out the servo was twitching. It comes and goes and sometimes doesn't happen at all, but I ordered a better servo for it anyway. Hobby King could have included something decent from their existing products. Third, either all the screws into the rim and wheel hub weren't all there to begin with or they fell out during driving. It caused the hub to come lose, which in turn pull the wheel out of the rim, which in turn made me crash a little. I had some body damage and I had to remount the front wheel and glue the tire on. I complained to Hobby King and they would only agree to send me some hardware. It's been 2 weeks or so and it's still not here, so I bought some AE branded hardware to fix my own problem. Hobby King also does not sell the body separately, so I had to fix mine with dry-wall tape and shoe-goo. As you may know, I don't often shop at Hobby King for vehicles and planes. I haven't had the best luck with their products and even worse luck with customer service. There is a reason Horizon Hobby is known for the absolute best customer service. They help you and they go above and beyond. Hobby King likes to find the cheapest way to fulfill their warranty. In my case it was to just send me the screws, but not to replace the damaged body or anything like that. I am disappointed but not surprised, so don't expect to see a ton of reviews on Hobby King products.


That said, I do have to reiterate, that I truly love this bike. So with that, I am still going to recommend it to you, but I urge you to go over all of the screws and make sure they aren't backing out when you drive. Also, take care of the body as you won't be able to replace it, for now anyway. Also, compare prices on HKs website. I ordered mine from the global office and got it for $30 bucks cheaper and it still got here in a few days.  If you find your servo starts to glitch, just order a slightly better one. It's easier than waiting for HK to fix anything for you.  Hobby King, if you are reading this, prove me wrong some time. :)


Every one else, please watch the video below and subscribe!


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