MultiRC HMB Quad Frame Review

Review by Ringo Davis

Equipment Used:

HMB Frame


- Super durable

- Inexpensive

- Simple Build


- A little heavy


I saw the HMB (Hold my Beer) frame at SEFF 2015. The Guys at were very helpful and answered a ton of questions. They told me this frame is virtually indestructible. My 9 year old son was with me and said he wanted to fly it. They asked him if he had ever flown a quad and he said no but he had flown a few planes. They handed him the quad and a radio and said “Go ahead, you can’t hurt it”. He flew it for 4 or 5 minutes, crashed a few times but did not hurt it. That kind of faith in a product and customer service is hard to come by. So I had to buy one, I also picked up motors, speed controls, and a flip32, all supplied by ReadyToFlyQuads.



The Quad is very straightforward to build. It comes with a 3d diagram of how everything goes together. It also comes with all the screws, standoffs, zip ties etc. that you need. The arms have small holes predrilled in them for the zip ties to hold the ESCs on. Instead of 4 holes to mount the controller board to, this frame has slots so you can move the controller forward if you wish and then fit the battery on the main deck. The upper deck has a roll cage to protect your Mobius.



After building I plugged the Flip32 into the pc, fired up cleanflight and loaded the latest build. I took the quad outside, popped it into a hover and took my hands off the sticks and it just sat there barely drifting with the breeze. With stock settings this thing is easy to fly and if you do crash the most that will happen is you break a prop. It flips in about 3 feet and rolls in about 5 feet.



I love this quad. I have a couple others but I have always been too scared to try anything aggressive with them like flipping or flying through hoops or anything like that. But with this thing it doesn’t matter. Cartwheel it, pick it up and take off again. Only problem is, if you have a kid you had better buy 2.

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