Blade Inductrix FPV Pro BNF Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Transmitter: Spektrum DX9

Eflite 1s 200mah

Luminier 1s 205mah

STRIX 1s 205mah


- Excellent Quality

- Sweet new frame

- New durable canopy

- Faster, stronger than the original

- Good quality camera/VTX

- Tunable with BetaFlight

- Decent power when you need it

- Well designed

- Fun as heck!


- Can still tell it's brushed

- Short flight times


When the Torrent 110 came out a few weeks back, Blade RC had shown me yet again, why I love them so much. I never had bought a ready made Inductrix FPV as I had heard that making your own on a base Inductrix would produce better results. Testing side by side with a friend, we were able to prove that. With the sweet brushless Torrent making it's way into people's hands, I figured Blade was going to leave the Inductrix alone. I was wrong. Blade RC went back to the drawing board and apparently looked at what the complaints were about the original and came up with the Inductrix Pro. Let's jump into what they improved on.


Out of the box:

The Inductrix Pro comes packaged very much the same as the Torrent and the original Inductrix FPV. You get your manual, an extra canopy, usb charger, a battery and of course your quad. Like the gents from Blade, I wanted to test how durable the new frame was. I took it out of the package and spiked it into my wood floor. Thankfully nothing happened or this review would be delayed a few more days lol. The original frame was the one thing I really hated about the original Inductrix. After replacing it twice, I just stopped flying hard or in tight unfun is that! Anyway, adding to the list of improvements on the Inductrix Pro are are the 19000kv motors. And finally, my favorite change is that they made it tunable in BetaFlight. I am no master tuner, but I have a few settings I like and I like to have my modes set up a certain way, so this feature is great.



This go around, I didn't bother to look to see if Spektrum already had a downloadable file, so I programmed my radio according to the manual. I did however change the arm switch to the left side of the transmitter. Before flying it, I also went into BetaFlight and switched my flight modes a little. I enabled Air-Mode to be active at all times, made mode 1- Angle Mode, 2- Horizon Mode, and 3- Acro Mode. These are my preferred modes of flying, but I highly recommend them to beginners and intermediate pilots. If you need clarification on this, let me know.



If you've watched my other quad review videos, you know I kind of have a routine down. Do a line of site maiden (first video below) and do some speed runs, some punch-outs and some flips. Then for the next flight, strap on the goggles and get some FPV action in and do some gap shooting, tree jumping and flipping.


If you've owned a previous version of the Inductrix, FPV or original, you'll see a substantial difference by comparison to the Inductrix Pro. Of course it has it's limitations being brushed and tiny, but for being a Whoop, the Inductrix Pro has a lot of oomph. Both videos below were shot in moderate wind (about 7-9mph). It got bounced around a few times, but it really held it's own. Blade RC as usual has tuned the quad to near perfection. It feels and flies exactly how most of us want it to. Flying the Inductrix Pro line of sight is as fun as flying any other quad in that fashion, but where it really shines is in FPV flight. Most of the time you are flying, you forget how small of an aircraft you are actually flying. It's a hoot outside, but inside is where the challenges are. Flying between couches, under barstools and tables, around family members, priceless heirlooms is awesome. There is no video of that yet as I was a little embarrassed at how messy my living room is at the moment lol!


The amount of bumps and bangs my Inductrix Pro has taken while trying to shoot the tiniest gaps in furniture etc would have broken the spokes to smithereens on the original Inductrix. It was moderately durable, but nothing to write home about. My Inductrix Pro has even survived a failed double roll into the pavement. I don't even think the canopy got scratched. No damage to the props or the frame either. Speaking of flips, the first few I tried, resulted in substantial drops of altitude. I blamed the quad at first, but after getting the hang of the Pro's flight characteristics, I figured out how to work the throttle to avoid the post flip drops.  For the record, I haven't perfected it as you may see in my videos where I do a couple accidental touch and goes :) lol. That said, for best results, use batteries you know are healthy. I tried a few of my older 1s batteries and a few that I haven't taken much care of, and they resulted in 20 second flights and a walk of shame to go find my tiny quad lol. When using the stock battery, and ones I mentioned in the equipment used section, you really get the most out of this sweet little quad.



Here I am again praising yet another product from Horizon Hobby. It's hard not to when they are one of the only larger RC companies still innovating and bringing cool stuff to the mass market. If you go onto some FPV forums, I'm sure there are guys that will tell you that you can make your own Whoop for cheaper blah blah blah... what they don't consider is the fact that time is indeed least, that's the way I look at it. When it comes to stuff like this, I would rather leave the building and tuning to the experts and pay what I honestly think is a fair price for this quad.


In the end, what I love most about this quad is the frame, the new motors and the BetaFlight compatibility. For any newbs out there that are apprehensive about BetaFlight, just follow the manual and you'll end up with great results. Feel free to ask me about my settings as I have them slightly different (just my modes, no changes were made to the pids).


As a reminder, I have NEVER received a free product from Horizon Hobby for review. None of my reviews of their products have ever been sponsored. Not that I wouldn't take them up on it if they offered, but all of my positive reviews on their products are on products I paid for. I don't get anything out of it by telling you to go buy an Inductrixx Pro. I am telling you as a humble reviewer, that if you want a great Whoop, ready to go and prebuilt, look no further than the Inductrix Pro.


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