Blade Inductrix™ BNF with SAFE® Technology Based "Tiny Whoop" Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Transmitter: Spektrum DX9

LOS: Stock Inductrix


FPV "Whoop" Upgrades:

Luminier upgraded motors

Luminier 1s205mah batteries

Spektrum 25mw VTX combo

3d printed angled camera mount


- Cute

- Excellent flight characteristics

- SAFE technology

- Good price, good value

- Quiet

- Easy to convert to FPV "Whoop"

- Handles wind really well

- FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!!!


- Spokes will break with a hard hit


When the Blade Inductrix was announced, I confess I dismissed it as yet another tiny, gimmicky little quad copter.  As I had already been through a few cycles of buying the latest and greatest micro quads, I figured I'd sit this one out.  When it arrived at my local shop, I flew the RTF version and found it a little twitchy. The shop owner let me fly the same Inductrix but connected to a DX9, and it made quite a difference.  It flew nicely and felt like the great Blade quality we are all used to. I still decided to sit this release out and not purchase one, not because it wasn't good, but I already had a drawer full of micro quads.


Fastforward a few months and I'm back at the local shop. As I walk in, I see a tiny little quad with a camera on top buzzing in and out of the isles being piloted by one of the employees wearing his Fat Shark goggles. I had to get a closer look at what was going on. He showed me the quad and sure enough, it was a Blade Inductrix.  In less than 5 minutes he explained the whole process of converting a normal Blade Inductrix into a fully functioning FPV micro racer. I was skeptical having been an early adopter of the Blade Nano QX FPV.  It flew okay for the most part, but the 2.5 minute flights drove me nuts.  The guy at the shop told me the "Whoop" as they were calling it, lasted around 4 minutes as long as you upgraded the motors and used a 205mah battery.


With that, I was sold. I bought my Inductrix on the spot and went home to order the rest of the stuff needed. Links are below.


Out of the box:

This will be the shortest unboxing segment ever lol. You open the box and there is your Inductrix, your battery and your little USB charger, all nice and cozy in the little display box pictured above. That's it! What can I say, the thing is cute!


Building and Programming:

Building is pretty straight forward.  Remove the stock motors and install the upgraded ones. Take off the canopy, undo the screws, and screw in your mount.  I chose to solder my camera leads directly to the power on the board, so if you want to do the same, flip it over and see where the battery lead is soldered into the board. On the other side, line your (+) and (-) up and do your tiny solder job.  To save weight, remove the casing around your camera. It comes off pretty easily.  My camera fit pretty well, but I shot a tiny dab of hot glue into the mount just in case right before inserting my camera.


I didn't do any programming with my transmitter. I just went through the bind procedure and flew it. I don't think I have any different modes or dual rates, but it feels perfect how it is.



Before I performed the surgery on my Inductrix, I did fly it around a bit just for kicks. It really is a nice flying quad and perfect for beginners and for indoor. It handles well outside too, but it's size makes you keep it close when you are flying line of sight.  Honestly though, you aren't reading this review for the line of sight segment are you?


Okay, so I am not FPV master by any stretch of the imagination, but flying the Whoop FPV makes me feel like one!  It is such a well tuned quadcopter, it does exactly what you want it to when you want it too.  It makes your yard, parking lot or house feel like an awesome, custom FPV course.  Because the fans are pretty protected, you are safe from a excessive crashing. When you go between tight spaces and you touch the side wall, you generally won't crash, the protected ducted fans keep you going.  As much as I can get snobby about flying larger aircraft, the Whoop has really been the RC highlight of my last few months of flying.  It is so small, yet flies so great, you can fly it any time and anywhere. I even took mine to the office to do some show and tell with my coworkers.  They were all loving it!  I don't know what else to say at this point about the flying the Whoop. It is just too freaking cool!



As you have likely noticed, I wasn't the only one that caught onto the Whoop phenomena.  Blade saw the growing popularity of it and decided to make their own.  It looks great and it flies great, BUT, from what I have tested and what all my friends and readers are telling me, you get less than 3 minutes with it.  With mine, I get 4.5 minutes if I take it easy, and at least 4 minutes if I'm hauling ass the whole time or flying outside.  If you don't mind the short times, by all means by the ready made Inductrix FPV, but if you want longer flight times, order the stuff listed below and make your own Whoop.  You will be happy you did.  On other thing to note, is that with my Whoop, you do not EVER see the propellers in the FPV feed or recording.  With Blade's own version, you are staring at the two front props the whole time you are flying. Not a huge issue, but I really like the open view I get from mine.  Whatever you decide to do, the Inductrix on it's own is a great little quad a good price.  When you convert it to and FPV Whoop though, you are multiplying the fun Xs 1,000!!!!  Either way, you can't go wrong. With winter coming, there is no better time than NOW to build yourself a Whoop or a ready made Inductrix FPV.


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