Hangar 9 Jackal Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Evolution 60NX nitro motor with recommended tuned pipe

- APC 9x5 prop

- 30%nitro with 18% oil (Cool Power)

- Spektrum DS821 servos rudder & elevator

- Spektrum MN48 servos flaps & ailerons

- Eflite 60 size electric tri gear retracts

- Spektrum AR7000 receiver

- Hydrimax 6v 2000mah battery


- Easy build

- Amazing covering

- Is both FAST and SLOW, flaps make it land very gently

- Retracts clean up the lines while in flight making it look like a jet

- Nitro powered plane with jet characteristic flight and appearance

- The tuned pipe makes for a loud, chest rattling fly by


- Had to do a little modification for the electric gear to fit

- Tuning and break in on the evolution motor is a bit of a pain compared to OS

- The wings are made to be removed but is quite difficult

- With the suggested prop, and the max length of the nose gear, there is very little ground clearance

- Discontinued but some still out there


I loved how easy this was to build. The wood was perfect, the parts fit together well, and using all suggest items made balancing an easy, it was actually dead on CG after the build. The only hiccups I had was how to mount the nose retract; which I mount above the rails opposed to below due to the operation of the gear, and had to cut our a spot in the wings for the spring coils from the retracts to set into. Also you have to program your flaps on separate channels size their orientation in the wings mirror each other, they have to move in opposite directions.


I've heard mixed reviews on evolution engines and noticed those who are patient and like to work things out have no problem with them and those (like me) spoiled by the ease of OS tuning and running are not very fond of them. After much tinkering, and realizing the construction of the motor is of different materials requiring an extensive break in, I can say this model is amazing. Once the motor was tuned, and after many dead sticks, I fell in love with how this flies. If any of you have seen "SpeedFresh" on YouTube with his plane, you can see how well it actually handles in the air. It gives you the speed you want, but the glide you need for a gentle landing. Something about the loud tuned pipe, in a low high speed pass is just thrilling. I hope this is a model Hangar 9 brings back because its a winner.

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