JJRC 2-in-1 JJ1 & JJ2 Foldable Quadcopter  Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- All stock

In the box:

1 * JJ1 Quadcopter

1 * JJ2 Quadcopter

1 * Remote Controller

1 * USB Charging Cable

4 * Spare Propeller

1 * English Manual



- Cute!

- Bright LEDs

- Compact, foldable design

- Two drones in one box!

- Nice flying

- Inexpensive



- Stated features like altitude hold and RTH are not truly functional



If you want to skip ahead and get a video review instead, click on the embedded video below. In it I cover everything I'm writing here and also show some flight footage. That said, this is my personal first time reviewing a JJRC product, courtesy of RCMoment. As you know, other channels and sites practically base their sites on manufacturers and companies like JJRC. My site generally features products from American companies with parts that you can generally buy at your local shop, so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here for you guys :)



What can I say, this is a cute little box with 2 cute little drones and some supplies. In hand, everything feels solid and looked nice enough. One of the propellers on one of the quads was bent right out of the package, but luckily they give you some spares. They just go on with pressure, so be sure they are all on tight before you try and fly. There are no batteries for the drones included as each quad has a battery already built in. You charge the quads one at a time with a usb charger. There is a flip button, and a rate button to increase the agility of the quads. There are a few other buttons, but honestly, I couldn't tell if they were for trimming or for return to home and headless mode. That was the only thing I found confusing.



Before anything, I wanted to see if you could fly both quads simultaneously as is mentioned in the manual. While technically possible, the fact that the throttle response is not identical on each quad, what you'll end up doing is slamming one quad into the ceiling while the other quad is at mid hover. Oh well, I figured that was a bit ambitious anyway, so no big deal that it is not really possible.


Moving on from that test, I flew each of the quads individually. I was surprised that they both flew pretty nicely. As well as any other micro quad anyway. I preferred flying them on the highest rate setting as that gave me the most speed. Flipping is fun and the quads hold altitude well after the flip, just remember not to cut throttle. The one minor complaint is that the yaw rate was pretty slow. Not a huge deal, but worth noting. As you see in the video, I got sloppy a few times and crashed. Make sure when you crash you check to make sure the arms are still fully extended. If they aren't, your flight will be erratic. I did find that the foldable arms not only made the quad pack away nicely, but also assisted in durability. Since the impact of a crash could just fold an arm in, you are likely not going to break anything since you're not impacting anything rigid...that and these are fairly light.


For the final part of my test, I tried the return home and headless mode. Perhaps I wasn't doing it right, but I couldn't get those functions to work. Honestly though, with quads this small, those aren't features that would really be useful anyway, plus the quads fly pretty well as they are.



At the end of the day, this little quad combo pack is a pretty decent deal at $32 bucks (price current as of this review). I don't know where else you can get two quads for that price. Basically you're paying about $16 for each. I would recommend these to a person that is very new to the hobby and just wants to fly something stable and cheap before deciding if they like the hobby and want to invest in higher end equipment. So now, go ahead and watch the video at least to watch the flight footage. Please subscribe while you're there!


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