Dromida KODO FPV RTF w/Goggles Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock



- Kodo

- VR Headset

- Propellers

- Charger

- Battery


- Nice Dromida quality

- Looks great

- VR Headset works with youtube

- WIFI FPV actually works

- Flies well inside and outside

- Good flight times

- Good value


- Limited Range

- Susceptible to interference


So I am not going to go into as much detail in my written review as I do in my marathon 18 minute video review below :) You should still read this if you're at work and don't have access to youtube. The video is long and if you don't want to watch it all, at least skip around a little bit and see how this little drone performs (time stamps are in the video description). As for this Kodo FPV, I've been a big fan of Dromida for a good while now. They make good, budget friendly RCs that are usually great values. When the Kodo FPV was announced, I was a big skeptical. FPV through Wifi has never done well. I have expressed my anger with several products that have said they provide the FPV experience through Wifi because the laggy feeds have made it totally impossible to truly fly FPV. However, I was definitely interested because they advertised it as low latency Wifi FPV. I figured what the heck. $89 bucks for a good looking quad, VR headset (that uses your smart phone), battery and transmitter didn't seem like a bad deal.


Out of the box:

I received my Kodo FPV well packaged with everything held securely in the box. The headset feels nice, the quad is a good size and pretty sexy looking. The battery is standard and charger is your basic USB charger. You get extra props and a nice little screw driver. I have an iPhone 7 with a relatively thin case on it, but it's a pain to remove it. I was happy that my phone fit inside the VR headset without taking the case off. Aside from charging the battery, the only other thing you have to do is download the App.



I have never been the kind of guy to toss the manual to the side before getting going, but for some reason, that is what I did with the Kodo FPV. As you'll see in my video below, my first two FPV attempts were epic fails. That's when I decided to look over the manual. When I did, I discovered that Dromida does not hide the facts that the FPV feed will perform poorly if you are in an interference rich environment and that even in optimal environments, the FPV feed has an effective range of 50ft.


Northern Virginia is basically the Silicon Valley of the Easy Coast, so there is interference every where. Add to that that I live in a townhouse community with tons of routers firing 24/7 and you get crazy interference. Even my high end FPV equipment (FatShark HD3s with Furious FPV module and 200mw Vtxs) gets a lot of interference around my home. I decided to give up testing at my house and went over to my parents huge house that is further outside of DC than mine is. The houses are way larger and further away from each other there. Again, check out the video to see my third attempt. I will tell you that in this environment, the Kodo FPV was actually pretty solid flying FPV. They are not lying when they tell you that it is low latency. I don't know that you will be doing any drone racing or shooting tiny gaps, but as you can see in the video, I fly around the basement quite handily. I must hand it to Dromida for being the first (to my knowledge) to achieve a decent FPV experience through Wifi.


Line of Sight:

I have a segment of the video that shows my line of sight flight also, but I can tell you here that the Kodo FPV flies as well as any other nice micro quad on the market. It has three rates, beginner, medium and high. I recommend low rates for inside the house, especially if you have smaller rooms. Outside, especially in the wind, you want to at least be in medium rates. High rates are good too, but I found that medium has the best combo of speed and stability for a great flight experience. The flip function on this quad is awesome, actually better than tons of other quads I've tested. It doesn't drop at all when it flips. I have tested other quads that drop several feet after a flip, not the case with the Kodo. It is definitely a great quad for the money.



Dromida has made another great quad combo with the Kodo FPV RTF. At $89 (before coupon code), it really is a great value. Does the FPV perform as well as a true, dedicated system? Of course not, but it doesn't pretend to. It tells you exactly what to expect and it delivers on what it advertises. This is a perfect package for a person that wants to dip their toe into the world of FPV without a huge financial committment. If you like the experience with this package, you can always move up into a more expensive, dedicated FPV system. If you decide FPV is not for you, well, you still have a great quad, the ability to take pictures and video with it even if you don't FPV with it, and you get the VR headset. What I didn't know until I got this kit, is that the headset works great with youtube and other video sites that have the ability to show video in the VR format. I had a good time watching some of my FPV videos through the headset. This is a great value and I would definitely recommend it to the beginner drone pilot and the beginner FPV pilot. Also, recommend to people like me, that just want the latest thing. You can't go wrong with this set!


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