Dromida Kodo Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Dromida Kodo RTF includes-

2.4GHz radio system

Integrated digital camera

Card reader

2GB memory card

Rechargeable 1S 3.7V 390mAh LiPo battery and USB charger

(2) "AAA” batteries

(4) extra blades

(4) blade guards



Diagonal Measurement: 3.5 in (90 mm)

Weight: 1.8 oz (52 g)



- Flies solid indoors and outdoors

- Looks great

- Includes everything for shooting photos and video with built-in camera

- Comes with extra blades and guards

- Can activate camera for both photos and video from the transmitter

- Unbeatable price


- Included transmitter is smallish

- Camera shoots angled downward

- Does not bind with Tactic transmitters

- Brittle shell and difficult to repair


This is my second review of a Dromida product.  After the Ominus, I felt the bar was set high.  The big attraction on this small, inexpensive quad is the camera, and the ability to activate it for both video and photos from the transmitter.  The camera is fun to play with, though I felt the angle was a bit too downward facing to get really good shots.  This issue is easily corrected by slightly pushing the camera in and up.  It is held in place with light tension so moving it in and up still allows it to stay in place. The result is a much better camera angle that allows you to actually record what you are pointing at.  The video quality is standard quality which isn't great, but this isn't a Phantom, and the camera is not a go pro.  It's an impressive little micro quad that carries a tiny camera, at a great price that makes the quality forgivable.  By comparison, the 180QX by blade, costs almost triple the price of the Kodo and the quality isn't great there either.


Flight-wise, the Kodo flies great.  It is very stable and has a very solid feel to it.  The dual rates can be changed with a downward click of the left stick.  It is fun to fly on all three settings and it will perform flips on all three settings by using the flip button, then moving the right stick in the direction you want to flip. When I am not shooting video, I fly on the higher settings, but while recording, it is best to keep it on it's lowest setting.  With the other reviews I've seen, once again, folks have said not to fly it outdoors with higher than calm winds.  I found it pretty easy to fly outside, even with winds blowing up to about 10 mph.  I do recommend using at least the middle control settings for windy environments.  It helps combat the breeze better.  Although people new to the hobby would easily be able to fly the Kodo, I would hesitate to recommend it to a novice because the shell breaks easily with impact and the parts, though cheap, are difficult to install.  When changing out the lower shell, I had to undo the wires connecting the camera to the board and solder them back on once everything was in place.  In the Kodo's defense, I did crash it pretty hard intentionally.  I knew it wasn't billed as "Indestructible" like the Ominus, but I wanted to see what a solid hit against my wall would do.  I did not slam it full speed like I did the Ominus, but I did fly mid-speed straight into the wall and it bounced off of one of my son's toy bins on its way down.  I felt bad for abusing this cute little guy, but it had to be done.


As for the transmitter, I was a little disappointed that the Kodo does not bind to the Tactic transmitters like the Ominus and the new Proto X SLT does.  The transmitter, though slightly small, does however, get the job done.  My hands did not feel cramped when I was flying and it was easy to memorize where the trim buttons and video and picture buttons were.  The size of the transmitter is actually a plus when you want to just toss the Kodo in your pocket and go outside or wherever you want to fly it.


In the end, despite the few gripes I had, I really like the Kodo a lot.  The price and the amount of goods you get with the RTF really make it hard to pass up.  Including the memory card was nice, but including the card reader was just icing on the cake.  I hope these Dromida products start taking up more shelf space in the hobby shops, they definitely deserve the attention they are getting. I look forward to seeing what else Dromida will release in the future.   At the time of this review, using Tower Hobbies coupon codes, you can score the Kodo for about $50... impressive huh!?