Weston UK Mini Magnum Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:


- Macs Muffler for .25-.35 OS motors

- Spektrum DS821 for ele/ail

- Spektrum DSP75 for throttle

- Hydrimax 6V stick battery for receiver

- AR400 receiver

- APC 10x6 prop

- 2 3/4" spinner (not included)


- Novelty in its size

- Built tough(fiberglass fuse with ply reinforcement, solid tail, dense foam core wing fully sheeted with balsa and reinforced with ply around the center.)

- Awesome trim scheme


- Simple to build


- Fuel tank didn't fit

- Wing can't be bolted on

- Cowl was made without regard to standard spinner sizes.

- No landing gear, so hand launch only

- Small size/fast speed make it hard to keep track of

- The plane is crazy expensive


First I have to thank a great friend of mine, Vern Horne. He started a youth flight program in Columbia County Georgia to promote science by showing fun and exciting applications of technology through RC. This ARF was donated to the program with the intention of being a trainer. After it was deemed unsuitable as a first plane Vern gave it to me. So A huge Thanks to Vern for all his work to the community and for being an amazing person.

Now for the plane!


-On the box, the company claims a 200mph top speed... 200MPH!!! Really? Doing a little research I found that this plane comes with hardware for either the nitro or electric version. This one happened to be the nitro, so I thought I would pair it with the easily obtainable .35ax motor from OS.


The build was very easy, didn't take much. I had a problem with the tank not fitting and putting in the RX battery. I swapped the existing tank with a Sullivan flex pylon tank of the same size (8oz), so that it would move out of the way when the wing was mounted. The battery installation was a pain, regular square batteries don't fit, luckily I had a stick shaped one. When you mount it in the fuse it has to be tucked under a support from the bottom and behind the removable canopy, way behind the canopy that you can't fit your hands in, and the holes in the plate didn't provide enough surface for double sided tape. So tie wraps it is. The installation was like trying to solve a Rubik's cube surrounded by chicken wire... Yeah it sucked.


Once it was built, expo and DR was programmed on my three position switch for the recommended throws. For the hand launch... The motor is very strong for this plane, it torques hard to the left. Once it was airborne I realized it had too much expo but flew it anyway. At full throttle the little bugger screams with impressive speed, within seconds it's out of sight which keeps you in constant focus for the wide turns in makes. From a dive the speed is just crazy! It's no where near 200mph ( must be the electric version) but it's quick! Well over 100mph, maybe 150. Landing is actually not bad, the swept back wing requires a higher speed on approach, but the tough airframe takes smooth grass like a champ... And cartwheels, and slamming into tufts of dirt and grass. It's different to fly something so fast from a 3D plane, but oh man it keeps you on edge! If you can afford the plane, want something not many have in the states, and have an itch to blazing speed runs.


You have to get this, the speed alone is enough to get everybody watching.