Dromida Ominus Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Dromida Ominus RTR

Also experimented with Tactic 650


- Built tough

- Um, really tough

- Great flight characteristics

- Handles wind with ease

- Bright LED lights

- Quick charging

- Good looking

- CHEAP!!!!!!!!

- Did I say tough?


I wish there were some.

See below


The whole reason I started this website was to put the voices of real consumers behind real reviews of the products out there.  It drove me nuts to read or watch a review (usually corny and/or over-acted, and sometimes creepy lol), and based on it, go out and buy a product only to find out it actually sucked!  Lately, I had seen a lot of reviews on a few of the new quads coming out from Hobbico's brand Dromida.  It was the same group of reviewers doing their thing reviewing this quad... so when I had the opportunity to test this little guy out, I couldn't wait to review it myself.


The first thing I wanted to test was the durability.  That is one of the most common themes in the reviews I had seen.  I did notice however that the guys weren't really abusing it that bad.  The first thing I did out of the box was to throw it firmly, frisbee style at my sliding glass door.  Nothing broke.  So... I charged up the battery and did my first flight inside.  This time, at full power, I shot it forward from about 30 feet away and slammed it once again into my sliding glass door.  I was sure something was broken or at least bent.  Nothing.  I tried it two more times, then asked my 7 year old (who doesn't fly yet) to take the controls.  He flew it into the wall, where it bounced off and hit a table on the way down and onto the floor.  NOTHING BROKEN.  I'm sure I could have broken it had I tried more, but I was satisfied with my test.


As for the flying, it feels good and solid.  One of the CONS I have heard people mention is that it is not as stable as some of the newer offerings from Blade.  That is true to an extent, but in my case, I didn't consider it a con. To me it feels less tethered and thus more responsive when you want it to be, even in the beginner modes.  When you let her rip, this quad is pretty darn fast... fast enough to make me smile and that is usually a tough task!  Another CON I have heard is that it does not handle wind.  What I have found on comments like that, is that it usually depends on who is flying it.  I purposely tested it in 15mph wind during the day, then 11mph wind for the night flight.  It held it's own very well with its size and power.  I let go of the right stick and it did drift, but I expected that, my 450 size heli does that!  And one last CON that I hear has to do with the transmitter.  Again here, I had no issue with it, especially considering the price of the RTF package ($79.99, cheaper if you use Towerhobbies coupon codes).  For that matter, if you really want to fly it with a more hobbygrade transmitter, it does bind to the Tactic line of transmitters.  I tried it out with the Tactic 650 and loved it, though I felt it was easier to flip with the RTF transmitter.  For a beginner, the durability will be the biggest asset versus ultra stability.  It is stable enough for a beginner, but it will be fast an loose enough for some high speed and flippy fun once you gain the confidence.


Finally, lets talk price.  This sucker is cheap, really cheap.  It is substantially cheaper than the other similar sized quads from the other major manufacturers... and it is backed by Hobbico... that is HUGE.  Can you find a cheaper similar quad?  Sure... BUT, you then start dealing with companies based in China, and customer service (if you want to call it that) based in China. I stepped away from my two favorite RC companies (Hobbico and Horizon Hobby) once, and the experience was a nightmare.  Customer service sucked, the resolution of the issue was unsatisfactory, and the product was mediocre at best.


If you have been on the fence about this one, hop off and come on over.  I hate that I am sounding to advertisey, but I really like this thing AND I really like the price.  I had planned on giving this away after the review, but you know what, I'm keeping it!