Great planes Combat P-40 .25 Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

OS .25fx motor

Futaba s3115 high torque micro servos

AR600 receiver

Spektrum 4.8v 1100mah receiver battery








-quick build

-very fast

-extremely agile

-stiff landing gear

-flies like a warbird, and a bat out of hell




-dangerous engine mount orientation

- very wrinkled covering out of the box, did not go away with application of heat gun

-wood skid in place of tail wheel/horrible ground handling

-brown and green camo.... Looks good, but not when flying along a tree line... The camo works too well

-the speed mixed with its size means it gets out of sight very fast.


So I had this demon spawn cat growing up, and I remember holding her by her scruff to get her into a carrier to go to the vet, and she would try so hard to get out of my hands and scratch and kick; I still have scars.... This plane is about like that cat when you try to start it. The motor is inverted, you have to reach under, or pick the plane up to get at the glow plug with the whirling tornado of death prop swinging dangerously close by. After it's started though it's a blast to fly. Just keep it in eyesight, and come in hot for the landings, you are going to nose over. For the most part it's a fun plane, just a little sketchy for the starting procedure.