Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Porter Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used/Overview:

This plane is currently only offered as a receiver ready package.  I have no issue with that because I don't love building and I like getting my planes in the air as soon as possible.  On this one, I am using a 6 channel Spektrum receiver with my DX9, though 7 channels would be preferable to put each flap and each aileron on it's own channel.


- Glacier 3s 2200mah battery

- Optional floats


- Like the FunCub, this plane is truly fun

- The quality of the entire plane from the foam, to the scale details is superb


- Can perform pretty solid aerobatics even with the floats on

- Comes with ailerons and flaps already installed

- Comes with deans connector on esc

- Very quick to put together


- Placing receiver is difficult
- Wings not easily removed


As soon as this plane was announced, I knew I had to have it. I love Pilatus Porters and I love Multiplex... so this was a no-brainer.  As soon as the preorder option was available, I placed my order through Tower Hobbies.


When the plane finally delivered, I was pretty anxious to open the box.  Inside the box, you are greeted by a very intact plane.  You see and feel that Multiplex quality as soon as the top of the box is removed.  As this is a RR model, you need to add your own receiver. NOTE: You need at least 5 channels, so you'll need at least a 6 channel receiver.  That will put the ailerons on a y-harness and each flap on it's own channel.  Ideally, you'll want an 7 or 8 channel receiver.


For a clean look, they recommended location of the receiver is inside the fuselage.  Sounds easy, but on this plane, it is not.  I found it easiest to go through the rear latch and pull the servo leads through to hook up to the receiver.  Definitely consider using a few lengthy extensions to bring everything you need back to the rear servo hatch.  I used velcro and my wifes slender fingers to reach into the fuse and press the receiver into plane to keep it out of the way.  The esc is a Multiplex esc and sometimes needs the end points set. Read the manual thoroughly or you will find yourself not being able to arm the esc, which can be amazingly frustrating when you just want to get flying after having to deal with the receiver placement.  The wings go on easy enough, but unlike the Fun Cub, this is not a plane that can quickly and easily be dismantled for transportation.  It does however fit easily into most small cars with the wings on.



As for flying, what can I say, Multiplex has done it again.  There is nothing so far that I have flown from Multiplex that I have not absolutely loved. This plane is an absolute joy to fly.  It is a rather different bird than the FunCub.  This is really more of a sport plane.  It can speed up quite well, hovers are possible with a little skill, though I keep it high up if I'm going to do that as the pull out isn't as responsive as a true 3d plane.  This thing knife-edges like it's nobody's business.  The Pilatus slows down pretty well, especially with the flaps deployed.  I did notice that it wasn't nearly as floaty as the FunCub though.  I have read some negative comments on the landing gear, but after several flights, I find that the guys that usually complain about weak landing gear are the guys that land the plane like a ton of bricks :)  Landing is done with a bit more speed that the FunCub so take it easy at first, and maybe watch a few flight videos to get an idea what to expect on the landings.  Adding the floats is a blast too! As you see in the video below, it knife-edges even better (due to the water rudder) and you don't get any pendulum effect with the floats on.  The floats are purchases separately but come with very sturdy aluminum struts and the water rudder that you swap out with the tail wheel.  This is by far the BEST set of floats I have ever seen offered for a foam plane.


I do recommend using the manuals radio settings at least for the first few flights.  I for one like the setup and just fly on high rates the whole time.  I am using 3s2200mah batteries and set my timer for about 6 minutes.  The battery fits snugly and doesn't need any more securing other than the velcro on the bottom. Do make sure you have the correct balance of the CG.  Another thing that impressed me about this plane was the price.  It is priced like a standard Parkzone PNP plane, but as much as I love Parkzone, Multiplex quality is a bit better.  If you like a Pilatus Porter as much as I do and love Multiplex as much as I do, this plane will not disappoint. If you've been on the fence on this one, hop on over, grab one of these and ENJOY!


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