E-Flite UMX Pitts S-1S Review

Review by Robert Davis

Equipment Used:

- UMX Pitts S-1s

- Spektrum Radio


- Flys like a big plane

- Very stable in windy conditions

- 3 settings on control horns for throws

- The box it comes in is a great carrying case

- Looks great

- Very durable on light crashes (nose dive at 50 feet bounced on foam nose cone)


- Battery tray is weak

- Hard crash will explode in pieces


This is a great little bind and fly plane. I have been building a lot of foam airplanes but don't dare take them out in winds of 10 to 15 miles an hour. This little plane is probably a quarter of the size of the planes that I build but with the aS3X system I have no fear of taking it in some wind that I would not fly my home built foam ones in. it uses 2S 7.4 volt 200mah batterys. It flys somewhere in the range of 5 to 7 minutes on this battery. It uses a spectrum receiver with the aS3X system. this system keeps it nice and stable and flies like it is a large airplane. It is a great fun flyer to stick in the trunk and be able to pop it out on lunch or anywhere you might be at the time. I had crashed mine and it was in about 15 pieces but some CA glue and its good as new its amazing how it is flying better after crashing it.the reason it crashed is the tray that holds the battery is not that story and it appeared to have broken free on a crash all the control surfaces seemed to work fine but when I threw it in the air I believe it was way out of balance and caused it to nosedive hard. After fixing the tray so that i wouldn't happen again it is flying great and have not had any issues sit's a great flyer it's a great buy I would recommend it the as3x system is pretty neat. You don't even notice that it is there besides wow this plane flies great, I love it.