Tech One Pop Wing 900mm Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Supplied t2208 motor

- Generic 20 amp esc

- Parkzone metal gear servos (DSV130)

- Spektrum AR400

- G-Force 3s 2200 20C battery

- After Dark Custom LEDs with RGB control board



- Quick build

- Easy to fly

- Small enough to take anywhere to fly

- Runs on widely used batteries

- The LEDs installed by Bart Gillam really make it awesome to fly at night

- Durable EPP foam

- Prop saver helps with belly landings... It's a must

-Shoe Goo dries fast and is flexible


- Control rods flex at max deflection

- Control horns had holes too big for the control rod on the right aileron

- No tape will stick to EPP foam

- Battery is held under the plane

- Tie wraps used to hold electronics will rip the foam if you pull to hard. No plywood support to keep it from doing this

- Weak hinges are cut from the foam


So much fun. First flight ended in a crash.. it was my fault... I didn't secure the battery well enough with the supplied hook and loop.. Pulled up hard and the battery shot away from the plane from about 25 feet up pulling the ESC with it. The plane fluttered down gently without a dent in the foam. Plugged everything back together checked all surfaces and motor control. I put a fresh battery in it, and a hand toss from Bart and it was flying like a champ. With no throttle it will float with little elevator input. The bright LEDs at night will light up your field from 15-20 off the ground. And the flashing, programmable RGB lights makes for a show from above. For as much as it costs, you get an enormous amount of fun. Great plane. Great value!