RMRC Pro-1200 5" FPV DVR w/5.8GHz Receiver with Race Band Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Display: 5-inch display screen (800X480).

Wireless Receiving: Built-in 5.8GHz receiver module.

Channel Switch:Supports 40 channels,With auto channel scan

Antenna: 5.8GHz SMA antenna assures excellent wireless receiving.

Recording: Supports seamless cycle and continuous video from wired/wireless cameras.

Photo:Supports function of taking pictures either from wired or wireless cameras.



Battery:Built-in 3200mAh high capacity Li-battery.

Speaker: Built-in speaker.

Storage: Supports up to 32GB TF card. (MICRO SD)

Language: Supports multiple languages.

Supports Power-saving Mode: automatic shutdown, automatic off-screen.

Automatic upgrade: Supports system automatic upgrade.

Sunshade Cover Provided: Video screen can be viewed clearly outside.

Screw-socket: 1/4-20 threaded base



- Great resolution and bright screen

- Autoscan feature for finding channel

- 40 channel receiver

- Comes with sun shade

- Threaded base for tripod use

- Easy to navigate menus

- Internal battery

- Great for spectators

- Useful in setting up OSD

- Extremely easy to use.



- No diversity


I'm going to keep this review short as we are just talking about a video screen with a built in receiver and DVR. I decided to get this screen when I had the first gen HeadPlay headset. It didn't have a way of recording footage, so I figured I'd get a DVR. Most DVRs I found didn't have a screen on them so you really didn't know how well your video feed was coming in if at all. I shopped around for a bit, and I decided on the Pro 1200 from RMRC. I saw a few OEM products that looked similar, but I have trusted RMRC since I started buying from them. It's a great site and their customer service is solid.



Again, it's a screen, so nothing exciting about unboxing.  It does come with everything you could possible need to start viewing your FPV feed and recording it if you want, though you do indeed need to provide your own SD card. Also, it comes with a whip antenna, but when I do FPV, I like to having matching antenna on both the aircraft and goggles or screen. I usually end up using my bluebeam mushroom. Pretty much and antenna will be a nice upgrade to the stock antenna.


Set Up:

Setting up is a breeze. Charge it up, stick your SD card in and fire up your aircraft. You can either manually find your channel, or you can use the autoscan feature which finds the strongest signal coming to it to make sure it is connecting to your goggles. This is what I use when I use this screen as I often fly FPV alone. If you are flying with other FPV guys, you'll want to manually find your channel. Other than that, like many LCD screens, there are menus for changing brightness or tint etc. All easy to navigate. You can even view your videos directly on the screen after you have recorded them. This is a great feature.



While I am not one to fly just looking at a screen, I have seen people do it. The threaded base would allow you to mount it to a tripod and the sunshade would help you see the action. I generally use this screen when I want FPV footage when I am not actually flying FPV or when I am flying a micro aircraft that doesn't have the power to carry an HD camera. It is also a great item to have around when you have spectators that want to see your FPV feed. The screen allows them to pass it around versus sticking their heads into someone's headset.


I think at the end of the day, I use this screen most often when I am setting up a new plane or quad and I want to adjust the settings on my OSDs without putting my goggles on and off over and over again. This makes OSD set-ups super easy. It also helps focus cameras as it is easier to fine tune focus looking at a larger screen with good resolution.



The Pro-1200 is an FPV device that pretty much any FPV guy/gal will want to have in their backpack. You'll always find a use for it. Heck, you can even connect it to an old VCR and make digital files from your VHS tapes. I keep finding more and more uses for it. You won't be disappointed if you buy this just as a tool to use the way I do, but also, if you want to dip your toes into the FPV world, this is a good way to get started and something you can hold onto once you have graduated to a full on FPV headset. Even though I now use a the HeadPlay V2s and Dominator HD3s, I still always take my Pro-1200 to the field just in case we have spectators or I need to do any last minute OSD changes or video feed testing. The video below is just some of the footage from my neighborhood. The static is not the screens fault, my neighborhood has TONS of interference. When I use it at the field, the feed is super clear.


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