Estes Proto X Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Proto X RTF



Dimensions: 1.8 in x 1.8 in

Weight: 0.4 oz (11.5 g)

Includes: Helicopter, 2.4GHz Controller, USB charge cord, (4) spare rotor blades

Requires: 2 "AAA" batteries


- Solid flight characteristics

- Looks great

- Bright LED lights help orientation

- Comes with everything you need

- Comes in multiple colors


- Included transmitter is smallish

- No stunts

- Only one flight mode

- Difficult to repair

- More expensive than other micro quads that do more


When the Proto X came out last year, I rushed out to buy it for the sheer novelty of flying a quad so tiny.  It was novel, and the excitement was fleeting.  I gave it to a buddy and went about my way.  What I did not expect was the storm of either licensed, rebranded or copied version of this quad that followed the extremely successful launch of the Proto X.  So here I am again, with a new Proto X.  I'm not sure what may be different from the one I got at launch, but this one seems to fly better.

I don't know exactly who the target audience is for this quad.  It flies solidly, but not stable enough for a total new comer to RC flight.  It is built solidly, but one firm crash can bend your prop shaft which will require some surgery with a soldering iron.  The battery is replaceable, but it is not something you want to switch out the way you would with a slightly larger quad.  The shell is thin and you risk breaking it every time you remove it.  So who is it for?  Perhaps, me. Or someone like me, who wants a tiny quad to keep in the office or to take along on business trips.  The price is cheap enough that your pocket book won't ache after dropping around $30.


So now that we are on the topic of price, as cool as this little guy is, the flood of micro quads in the market has driven the price down of the rebrands.  At this point though, the rebrands have added features that you have to step up to the Proto X SLT for, which retails for around $40.  The first quad I'd compare is the Cheerson CX-10.  It is about the same size as the Proto X, but it has a flip feature and 3 flight modes.  I have the same issues with the Cheerson as I do the Proto X in that they both use the same tiny transmitter.  I guess one thing you get with staying in the Estes brand (a Hobbico brand), is you get an American company with an American call center and solid customer service.  Not sure you get that from the competition.  That said, at this price, I would tend to gravitate to the cheaper competition like the Cheerson CX-10 that you can get for about $20 to $25 shipped.  However, if I wanted to stay with Estes, I'd shell out the few extra bucks and get the Proto X SLT.  It does flips, has multiple flight modes AND most importantly, can bind to your Tactic transmitters.  I love Hobbico, and I am looking for more stuff to bind to my Tactix 650, so I'm going to give this little guy to a friend, and go pick up a Proto X SLT.


I may post video later, but there is so much video on youtube of this quad, that I am hesitant, I'd just be showing off my mad skills :)