Eachine Q90C Flyingfrog FPV Quadcopter w/Goggles Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All Stock Equipment


5" Monitor w/DVR to record FPV footage (not included)


- Looks great

- Inexpensive entry to FPV

- Included goggles are actually good!

- Quad flies great!

- Adjustable PIDS (Betaflight)

- Several flight modes

- FPV compatible with industry standard channels

- Great value!

- 25mW video transmitter


- Propellers bend easily (you can get replacements here:



Since I started flying FPV a few years ago, several companies have launched products that were billed as "All in one packages for FPV". The problem has always been that the kits are too expensive, or the included equipment just plain sucks. When I saw the advertisement for the Eachine Q90C FPV package, I was skeptical. I assumed that the FPV feed was either WiFi, or on non-standard frequencies. When I dove deeper into the specs, I saw familiar frequencies on the frequency table. I couldn't wait to try the Q90C and goggles with some of my existing FPV gear.


Out of the box:

My package arrived pretty quickly from Banggood. They do a great job on packaging as they know the package has a long way to travel. Inside the box, everything was well packaged and protected from shifting and impact. The first things I noticed were how robust the quad felt and how light the goggles were. Also included are extra props, some tools and some propeller protectors. I generally do not use protectors, but since I was reviewing this, I did not want to crash and end up bending up too many props before finishing my review. I do recommend putting the prop protectors on as they are light and the quads flight characteristics do not change with them on. When you install them, take your time and be patient. Use the included prop removal tool or you risk damaging the propellers. As far as prepping for flight, you'll need to charge the goggles (they have a built in battery) with the included USB cable, and also charge the quad battery with another cable they provide. The battery is held to the quad with velcro, which is included, and a rubber band, of which several are also included.  Once you get everything charged, you're ready to fly!


Line of Sight:

If you are already bored with my write-up, you can always just watch my long, detailed video embedded below. If not, read on. Line of sight flight with this quad is great. Not only do you have 3 different flight modes, angle, horizon and acro, but you also have 3 different rate settings. For this quad, I had the most fun with rate 2 on angle mode. It gives you plenty of speed, but also plenty of stability. I even tested it in relatively high winds with solid success. Flight characteristic-wise, this Q90C flies as well as any other quality micro quad on the market. Eachine really did a great job with their design and programming.



Before I get into my FPV flying, I am excited to tell you that this quad and goggles work great with anything on the market that is compatible with FatShark. My other FPV quads were able to transmit clearly to these Eachine goggles, and the Q90C broadcasts clearly to my Dominator HD3s and my HeadPlays. That to me was a huge value. It means that you can grow with the hobby using the equipment in this package.


Flight-wise, the Q90C flew just as nicely through the goggles as it did line of sight. The transmission was clear even using just the stock antenna. I imagine it would improve even more with an upgraded antenna. I was really impressed with the clarity and brightness of these goggles. They even have a menu that you can adjust color, brightness, contrast to your liking. Since the goggles are so light, you almost don't even feel them on your face. They are better than a few higher end goggles I have tried out at my local field and through my reviews. According to the manual, a full charge on the goggles gives you about an hour of use. One final disclaimer, the FPV feed I recorded is darker and has more static than appears in the goggles. DVRs don't always record what you see so please don't base the quality of the goggles on my FPV footage.



Well, what can I say that I didn't say in my marathon length video? This package is BY FAR the BEST VALUE and currently the BEST all-in-one option for getting into FPV. Eachine has successfully produced what tons of other companies have been unable to do... make a QUALITY quad and goggles and sell them both together for UNDER $100 bucks, under $90 for that matter! Good job Eachine, I thank you for achieving this, especially right before the holidays. If you want to score one of these, the product link is below the video. BTW, please subscribe to our channel!


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