VIFLY  R130 FPV Racing Drone BNF (Spektrum) Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Stock VIFLY R130

- Gens Ace Tattu 3s850man & 4s650mah

- Spektrum DX9


- Great looking!

- Extremely solid feel

- Powerful

- Fast!

- OSD preinstalled

- Alarm preinstalled

- Switchable mW VTX

- Screen shows channel, voltage on quad

- Durable

- Preinstalled LEDs


- Stock antenna is just ok (at least they give you one though)

- Stock tune is a little aggressive (acro)



If you guys have read my VIFLY 220 review, you know how much I love that quad. It is a powerful and durable beast of a quad that I would recommend to anyone that doesn't want to build their own quad but wants high performance right out of the box. When I heard they were making a smaller quad, I got really excited as to what the VIFLY approach to a 130 sized quad would be. When they posted the first few pictures, I decided right then, that I needed to review it. For one, I want you guys to have the latest info on new products, and frankly, I just wanted this sucker If you want the specs on the 130, click here.


Unboxing and Set-Up:

Even though the 130 is only shipping from China, it doesn't take long to get here. Mine got here in just a week, and I live right outside of Washington, D.C. For the 220, I got the FrSky version since I was in the process of learning and reviewing the Q X7. But for the 130, I figured I'd order the Spektrum version since my DX9 is the transmitter I own that I know the best. The 130 came double boxed inside of a DHL bag. It was very well protected for shipping. The box and foam cutout are nice quality, so the package would also make a decent case for your 130. The BNF quad comes with an instruction manual (that deals mostly with the RTF) and some little tools and extra landing pads. For initial set-up, I used this video as a base. Even though it walks you through sub-trim and travel adjustments, I found it easier and faster to do my own with the quad plugged into BetaFlight from the get go. This video just serves to get you familiar with BetaFlight and what and how to adjust things. Remember, PLEASE remove your props before working on your quad in BetaFlight. One more thing that some people have taken issue with on the manual, is that some folks have mistakenly taken the diagram showing which way to turn the bolts as the direction of the props. This is not the case, front left and back right props should go CW and front right and back left should rotate CCW. Just figured I'd clarify that.


For my first flights, I didn't make any adjustments the the stock set-up. I did change flight modes to add air-mode to all three modes and I put my alarm on a separate switch from my arm/failsafe switch.



Once I got everything ready to go, I popped outside to do my usual line of sight maiden routine. Fly it over the grass and do some flips and rolls, then go to the parking lot to cruise around a bit, line of sight. Flips were decent, but I did find them a little slow on stock settings. I also found the hover was either going up or dropping. This let me know that the stock minimum throttle settings were on the low side. I switched the percentage from .45 to .50 with great results, though I might dial them back down to .48 or somewhere around there. On .50, flips are very fast. I'd leave it stock if this is your first full featured race quad. Just make sure you do your flips up high.


Still flying line of sight, I went over to the street to do some circuits. I was extremely pleased at how quickly this little quad zipped around. It flies much bigger than it's small size. The punch out on 3s is great, but on 4s it is beastly! Even if you don't plan on using this quad for FPV, this is a great all around quad for goofing around with, durable and sturdy also. After flying it several times, one thing I might tone down a tiny bit is the yaw. It spins really fast at full stick movement. The bright stock props really help with keeping your orientation on this small quad as it whizzes by you. If you plan on changing the props, be sure to use bright colors and for better orientation, you could use black in the back and a bright color in front. Also helpful are the preinstalled LEDs. They are bright but definitely way more noticeable when the sun isn't full on.


After several line of sight flights to get myself familiar with this quad, I decided to do some FPV. Mind you, I probably should have gone to a field, but I was so anxious to fly it FPV, I just flew in my neighborhood. If you are a relative newb, I do not recommend this. This is not a tiny whoop, so if you hit a car or window at full speed, you could actually cause some damage to the property and most importantly, to your new quad. I am not FPV pro, but I am decent enough though my flight area did get a bit small with the speed the 130 has on tap. Most of the FPV flight you can watch below, I was flying at slightly over half throttle. I will post another FPV video when I can get a nice day at the field to really unleash this beast.  What I can say though is that this quad is a total blast to fly FPV. Unlike the Torrent and BabyHawk which or only a tiny bit smaller, the VIFLY 130 feels like a 220 or 250 sized race quad. It slices right through the wind and takes quite a gust to push your quad off the line you are flying. A note to casual flyers, don't feel like you HAVE to fly Acro. It is fun to learn and allows you to do some pretty amazing things, but it takes time to get good. There is no shame in flying angle mode! If you want the feel of angle mode, with the ability to flip and roll, take a look at Horizon mode. It is kind of the best of both worlds. There are a few limitations, but those are only limitations if you already know your way around Acro mode. Another thing I love on the 130 is that it uses a similar camera set-up to the R220. It is easy to adjust and well protected. My fanciest drone requires I take a plate off just to change the camera angle lol.



In my humble opinion, VIFLY has knocked it out of the park again with the R130. It gives you a very unique looking and very feature rich quad in a small sexy package. It is impressive to get this much quad for this little money. Even though I paid for this quad, I have spent some time talking to the VIFLY guys learning about it. These folks take great pride in designing and creating a great quad that doesn't break the bank. They don't skimp on features or quality. The only thing I plan on upgrading is the antenna, and that is mostly because I want to use one with a smaller dome and shorter stem. Please check out my videos below to get see footage of what I have been talking about and to hear some of my commentary and impressions on the quad. The first video below are my first line of sight flights, and the second video has a brief re-tuned line of sight video, followed by and FPV flight, followed by some impressions (most of which I have written here). While you're there, please subscribe! I truly hope that VIFLY continues to make more quads and that people continue to buy them. They are a breath of fresh air in this industry where everything is a clone of another thing. I love my R130, and I think you will too, so do yourself a favor and nab one!


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