Dromida 1/18 Rally Car FPV RTR w/5.8GHz Goggles Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock equipment


- Gorgeous looks

- Solid construction, nice quality

- Durable body and bumpers

- Decent speed

- Great size, easily fits in backpack

- 2.4ghz radio system

- Wallet friendly

- Fun as heck!!!

- 25mW video transmitter


- Camera/VTX combo needs to be opened to switch channels


Like many of you, I was a little late to the FPV craze that started a few years ago. It wasn’t for lack of interest, but moreso because the cost of getting started seemed too high for me at the time. At some a couple of years ago, I bit the bullet and started with some mid-grade equipment. Though it’s still not my main focus in RC, I do find it quite enjoyable. I fly FPV micro quads inside my house, larger ones outside, and a few airplanes. As camera/VTX combos have gotten so much smaller, I have begun sticking them on almost everything. I have FPVed my Taigen Tiger I tank, and have even tried it on my Dromida Monster Truck. The annoying part of putting it on my truck was having to stick the camera on the roof and power it with a separate battery. I was pretty stoked when Dromida announced their new FPV vehicles. A large part of that excitement was to be able to share my experience with you all, our readers. Getting started in FPV can be a pain trying to figure out which goggles work with which cameras and video transmitters. Dromida has sought to eliminate that hassle and packaged everything you need to enjoy surface FPV in one box. BTW, if you want to watch the review instead of reading it, head down to the video embedded below.



The Rally FPV arrived double boxed and well packed. The contents of the box were reminiscent of the house racer, except instead of a quadcopter, you get a sweet little rally car. In this Rally FPV package, you get everything you need, down to the 4xAA batteries for the transmitter. Aside from the car, you get the Tactic FPV goggles that are really just a nice FPV monitor with built in receiver and DVR (SD card not included), the goggle housing, a nimh battery, a charger, and the camera/VTX combo already installed. My only complaint at the unboxing stage was finding out the camera/VTX needed to be opened up to switch channels. It won’t be an issue unless you are driving with a group of other people driving or flying FPV. In that case you’ll have to pop your unit open and switch the channel using the dipole switches. As for the charger, it’s relatively slow, but it gets the job done. I normally would have replaced the connectors on the car and battery, but I figured I’d run everything stock



The first thing I wanted to do with the Rally car was to just drive it line of sight just as a refresher as to it's speed and handling. Of course the Dromida Rally is still a great little vehicle, as are all the others they have released over the years. So my next step was to fire up the FPV gear and do some surface FPV driving!


The first thing to note is not the car, but the goggles. The screen is big and bright and the colors show pretty true. The built-in DVR is a huge plus so you can record your on-board footage without attaching another camera somewhere. Just as an FYI, as you'll see in the FPV segment of the video below, there is a decent amount of interference especially at longer distances. This is no fault of the equipment. It is the area I live in and the neighborhood I am in. There is tons of interference everywhere. Even my high-end FPV equipment is pretty choppy around here. If you are not in a packed suburban or urban environment, your feed will be much much clearer. Of course, switching out the antennas on the car and goggles to something better will also help give you a clearer feed, but the stock set-up works fine.


Back to the driving! Driving the Rally FPV is a total hoot. It is the perfect speed for getting started in surface FPV. I can't imagine wanting to go much faster unless you have a more open space to drive in. I definitely recommend driving line of sight for a few minutes so you know ahead of time how the car handles and what to expect on turns and slides. I think the next thing I'll do is set up a course or at lease some cones in an empty parking lot somewhere. I wonder if surface FPV will catch on as a legitimate racing class. I can't imagine it not catching on. Even though FPV driving is fast paced, there is a comfort knowing you are not going to crash an expensive, fast flying, FPV race quad into an object or ground. All you have to worry about is forward, backward, right and left. I know one thing for sure, the Rally FPV will be my designated FPV surface vehicle. If I get better at it, perhaps I will buy the brushless upgrade kit and make this badboy even faster! I'd like to add that my 10 year old son, who has never flown or driven FPV (though he does drive RC) took to FPV driving in a heartbeat. It was adorable watching him lean to the sides as he made turns as he drove :)  He loved it for sure. I may have to get another one so he and I can race!



The folks are Dromida have done it again in my opinion. They have managed to cram all kinds of fun into one box and sell it to you in one box. I assure you, if you were to buy a camera/VTX combo, a set of goggles, and a car to put them on, you'd probably spend over $100 more than you have to grabbing this Rally FPV package. It's currently priced at $229, but with current Tower Hobbies coupon codes, you're looking at only $209, which is a hell of a bargain! If you have been considering getting into FPV but weren't sure which parts you had to piece together, I strongly recommend going this route. Also, you should know that the FPV equipment used in this kit is compatible with the industry standard channels that Fat Shark and other brands use. So you could use these goggles with most FPV quads or video transmitters on the market. So what are you waiting for, put it on your Christmas list, or buy it for someone who is counting on you to be their Santa...OR, buy it for yourself and start enjoying it now! I assure you, you'll love it! So now, watch the video below, if nothing else for at least the driving footage! While you're there, be sure to subscribe and watch some of our other reviews and running videos!


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