Great Planes Revolver 70 Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

OS .75ax two stroke

Pitts muffler

DS821 digital servos

Hydrimax 6v rX battery

AR7000 Spektrum Receiver

Jr Switch

Macs Smoke valve and check valve


-Easy build

-pretty trim scheme

-great price for a huge plane

-covering was flawless out of the box

-amazing to fly, smoke pump was awesome

-great looking aluminum spinner


-you need a lot of space to land

-Had to reinforce glue joints around landing gear


Awesome, fast aerobatic plane. Takes off in a short distance, but takes a big landing area to bring her in. The suggested control throws are very gentle for this plane, I found increasing the throws helps with landing. It does tip stall at a high speed, which makes it a plane for intermediate to advanced pilots. The 75ax by OS was plenty to fly the snot out this plane. At wide open throttle paired with the Pitts muffler you can feel the vibrations on low passes in your feet. It's a crowd pleaser when the smoke valve was flipped, and a rock solid performer.