Blade Scout CX RTF Review

Review by Gunnar Hovmark, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

This is an RTF, so everything you need is in the box.


I bought an extra battery, and I’m thinking of getting a real charger.


- Very light

- Very precise control

- Very stable

- Very easy to fly

- Detachable battery

- Radio control, not IR

- Parts readily available


It’s a little tricky to get the battery in and out because there is no way to get a really firm grip on the helicopter.


If you have a living room without too many obstacles, this helicopter is suitable as the first ”RC flying thing” you ever try. If you’re an experienced pilot this helicopter is a nice indoor toy that you can also lend to your guests without much worry. It costs more than the little helicopters you find in the toy store, but I say it’s worth it.



The Scout is very light and very slow, so it’s definitely for indoor use. The ideal is of course if you can find a large room without obstacles, but an ordinary living room will do if it’s not too cluttered.


Its very low weight means that there is very little damage if it falls down or hits something. The leading edges of the rotor blades quickly get jagged, but that’s usually it. I brought my Scout to the office and let several people try it in our conference room, at least three of them absolute beginners. It survived there for many months. Finally a rotor blade broke, but that was easy to replace.


The Scout is a three channel helicopter, which means that when you move up to four channels you will have to re-learn yaw control and add sideways control. Shouldn’t be a big problem. What the Scout will do is give you some ”stick feeling” that will be valuable regardless of what you choose to try next.  At the time of this review, the Scout CX sells for $49.99