TEKNO RC SCT410.3 1/10TH 4WD Competition Short Course Truck Kit Review

Image Credit: Tekno RC

Review by Scott VanAntwerp

Equipment Used:

- Savox 1256tg

- Hobbywing SCT Pro esc/motor combo with a 4700kv

- 21 tooth pinion


I've recently had the pleasure of building the Tekno 410.3 SCT. I've been looking forward to this build for some time now and set aside a weekend to get it done.


The build starts out like most builds, identify the tools and supplies you will need, set up a build table, open the box and check the directions and pre-read just to mentally prepare for the work. Tekno did a great job with easy to follow directions and pointing out areas to be careful.


As I went along I found everything was in the proper bags, labeled correctly with no missing parts (always a relief). The diffs went together very smoothly. For starting point I went with 7k oil in the center and 3k in the rear diff and 5k in the front diff. I mostly run on an outdoor track that gets baked dry and dusty in the summer months and is also fairly technical so I wanted to make sure I got the wheel rotation and was not pushing around the corners.


Front and rear shock tower/a-arm/bulkhead assemblies went together very smooth. My only complaint (small one) is why Tekno has you ream out the a-arm pin holes. I feel those should be properly sized and the builder (us) should not have to ream out holes as part of normal assembly.


I built up the beefy shocks just like most shocks and started with 35 up front and 27.5 in the back. I also wish that they included extra springs in the kit as I find the rears to be a little to firm for my driving and bumpy track conditions. I got the shocks mounted and everything put together as expected and no problems to report.


I mounted a Savox 1256tg servo and used the Hobbywing SCT Pro esc/motor combo with a 4700kv motor with a 21 tooth pinion. Mounted up some Pro-line Blockades on JConcepts Hazard wheels. Soon I discovered that the wheel was rubbing against the rear shock spring when at full extension so I moved the shock in one hole and all was good in the rear. I also noticed that the front wheel were rubbing just a tiny bit. So I removed two shims from the steering tie rod ends and that fixed that.


Well, it was time. I dropped in a 2s lipo, hooked everything up and turned it on. Success! All system are go! First time out I always take it slow and easy until I can get to know the truck and system and how it will handle. It didn't take long before I was really loving this truck. The truck was very balanced off the jumps, tracked true through the turns and really gave me a sense of confidence. Once some more wheel time is had and adjustments are made to suit conditions only driver performance will keep you off the podium.


The truck will need some minor tweaking with the suspension, maybe adjust the camber and toe-in a bit but I think the diff oil should work out good. I might try 10k in the middle down the road just to see if it help with traction a bit. All-in-all this truck combined with the right suspension and power setup and some skill on your part will put you on the podium more often than not. Highly recommended!