ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 6S BLX Brushless SC Truck 4WD RTR Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock Vehicle and Radio

HobbyStar 5200mAh 11.1V, 3S 45C LiPos


- Beefy!

- Fast!

- Gorgeous

- Great handling

- Great jumping

- 6s!

- What's a Slash? lol


- A little body roll


As you know, I haven't gotten an ARRMA 6s that I didn't love. After my raving review of the new Talion, I figured it would be a good idea to review another one of ARRMA's 6s offerings. Obviously, I decided on the Senton 6s. Just to let you know up front, this written review will be on the shorter side because my video review (embedded below) is pretty extensive.


Out of the Box:

So I placed my order with my favorite ARRMA dealer, Tower Hobbies. No more discount codes on the new ARRMA vehicles, but I still like getting my stuff from Tower. In preparation for it's arrival, I ordered a couple 3s5200mah lipos from RCJUICE with XT90s already on them, and a couple XT90 charge leads. The Senton was packed nice and secure. You get the car, a nice assortment of tools, a pair of female XT90s (awesome, who does that!?!), and the transmitter. The body is secured with normal body clips, but they are secured to the vehicle with little rubber holders, which means you won't lose them. Under the hood, the Senton looks AWESOME. Even just looking at it, it looks really evenly distributed. Electronics and battery tray are affixed to the sweet aluminum chassis. The battery tray itself is adjustable which is great, and it also has both vertical and horizontal straps to hold your batteries down in addition to the little lid thingy that holds the batteries down. Arrma even thought of a way to secure those pesky balance plugs with an elastic band and hook. Just looking at it as a whole, both with the body and without, you can tell a lot of thought went into this vehicle and a lot of customer feedback was listened to. It comes with a nice Tactic TTX300 that is really easy to use also. I was alo very glad to see the cage structure under the body in the center section of the vehicle.



As far as setup, I just toned the steering down on the transmitter a bit. I don't want the steering too twitchy, especially at high speeds, that never ends well.


Now this is the part where you should switch over to the video review and see how the Senton performs on different terrains. If you don't want to see the video, know that it handles pretty much every terrain in an awesome fashion. It grips nicely on packed terrain and on looser gravel stuff too. It handles pavement like a champ too, with the exception of a little body roll on turns. As you'll hear my say a million times in the video, the handling of the Senton is very predictable. That is honestly the best way to describe the handling. It truly does what you want it to do. This carries over into the realm of jumping. Usually with my vehicles, it usually takes at least one or two bad landings to figure out how it likes to jump. With the Senton, it's tendency is to jump really level, which is a great thing! If you do need any correction in the air, there is plenty of power on tap to make those adjustments.

Finally, did I mention this bad boy does 50mph right out of the box? Mind you, that's on 6s, but then again, why would you drive something called 6s on anything less? If this is one of your first bashers, realize this vehicle weighs a ton, so if you crash at full speed, you are going to tumble for quite a spell. The Senton, like the other ARRMA vehicles, is pretty damn durable. That doesn't mean it is invincible, but it can handle quite a bit.



None Needed!



ARRMA continues to show the RC world that they are a force to be reckoned with with every new vehicle they release. They manage to get you tremendous vehicles for better prices and values than tons of the larger, older RC companies like Traxxas. Just as an FYI, I love Traxxas, but the Senton 6s makes an ASS out of the Slash. Granted, they are different vehicles and different power sources, but I just can't see buying a Slash over a Senton 6s. The Senton is just so nice and solid and fast, and pretty and sexy, and jumpy, and cool and and and!!! If you are in the market for a basher short course truck, my first recommendation to you will be the Senton 6s. Again, my apologies if you wanted a longer written review, but the video is long and detailed! Speaking of which, if you watch any part of it, please do us a favor and subscribe!


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